Donation FAQ

Why do people become members?

Our members are community-minded, engaged citizens and organizations who are committed to building vibrant communities. They appreciate our balanced and unbiased journalism and our commitment to providing a platform for civic engagement and civil discourse.

Do contributions from members influence our news coverage?

No! Contributors donate solely on the basis of their desire to support local journalism, and do not influence decisions of our teams of journalists. While we always appreciate story suggestions, our members support us because they share our belief that good journalism must be independent, civil and unbiased.  For transparency, we list our members and their levels of giving.

Do contributions from members influence our opinion pages?

No! We’ve always refrained from publishing editorials or staff-written opinions. As our newsroom guidelines clearly state, we pledge “to use our opinions page to facilitate community debate, not to dominate it with our own opinions.”

Our “opinions” platforms — in print and online — are clearly marked as “opinions” and give our readers the opportunity to discuss and debate issues important to their community. We provide the information. The community provides the commentary — edited by us strictly for civility.

We take our role as journalists very seriously. But we take our role as public servants and facilitators of community debate just as seriously. After all, the First Amendment isn’t simply to protect the press. It’s to protect YOUR right to free speech.

Do you offer sustaining memberships?

Not at this time, but we are working on it.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

No. Independent Newsmedia is owned by a unique non-profit journalistic trust, yet pays taxes like most other companies. All after-tax profits are reinvested in our journalistic mission.

Can I send in my donation by mail?

Yes, simply send your check to Independent Newsmedia, 17220 N. Boswell Blvd., Suite 101, Sun City, AZ, 85373.  We’d appreciate if you would include a brief note telling why you want to support us.

What if I want to give more?

We are grateful for contributions of all sizes! To make a sizeable donation, corporate/business sponsorship, grant, bequest or more, contact our reader loyalty team at

In what other ways can I become involved in my community?

There are a number of ways you can use our products and publications to

exercise your First Amendment rights, such as:

  • Send an email to the editor with your story ideas.
  • Email a letter to the editor to us for possible publication in print or online.
  • Post your comments under the stories that are posted online.
  • Post your comments on any of our Facebook pages.

Want to learn more about Independent Newsmedia?

You can learn more about this unique community service-driven company at

Still have questions?  Please contact