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Cieniawski calls for Governing Board President Perleberg’s resignation

Governing Board President Barbara Perleberg

In a March 1 letter to Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board members, the Scottsdale Education Association has called for the resignation of Governing Board President Barbara Perleberg.

“Amidst escalating news reports on the failed management team, you ignored and disparaged Scottsdale community and staff members calling them ‘irresponsible fear-mongers,’” the SEA press release states.

Julie Cieniawski

The letter urges the Governing Board to realize that the community must recover from this escalating scandal and regain its gold standard reputation, according to SEA President, Julie Cieniawski.

“Your temporary removal of Superintendent Denise Birdwell one day before the Arizona Attorney General filed multiple charges against the district followed by your ever-increasing and damaging decision-making warrants our urgent call to Governing Board members to repair your broken relationship with district stakeholders,” Ms. Cieniawski said in a prepared statement. “That repair must begin with Governing Board President Perleberg’s resignation.”

Reasons to call for President Perleberg’s resignation listed by the Scottsdale Education Association in the press release include:

For the district to recover from the Governing Board’s fiscal malfeasance, Ms. Cieniawski, on behalf of her constituents called on the district to take additional actions:

“It is our focus on Scottsdale students that drives us to take action,” the SEA letter states.

“We live in a state that funds education at an abysmal rate, and our Scottsdale community has consistently taxed itself to increase dollars to our district so that neighborhood children could get the very best education. Many of these fine community members stand ready to work towards repairing the tarnished image of their once shining district.

“SEA stands with its Scottsdale community in demanding new administrative leadership as well as new Governing Board leadership. We are to ready to move the district away from turmoil and forward towards its mission and commitment to safeguard the educational welfare of the Scottsdale Unified School District’s children and demands these actions be taken.”

In January, the Scottsdale Education Association announced that 92 percent of those responding to a December SEA survey voiced “no confidence” in current Scottsdale Unified School District leadership. The survey gauged confidence in Superintendent Dr. Denise Birdwell and the SUSD Governing Board.