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In the Classroom: Sequoya kindergarten teacher Allison Burns

Allison Burns (submitted photo)

Name: Allison Burns

School: Sequoya Elementary

Why you chose to work in the district: This is my community! I live here, my son went to SUSD schools. This is where we have chosen to make our home.

What I like most about what I do: Witnessing “light bulb” moments daily. The growth a kindergartner makes in 180 days is just as amazing after 12 years as it was the 1st.

Where did you come from: Born in VA but I have been in the Valley since I was 3 years old

If I had picked a different occupation, it might have been: This is it. I decided I was going to be a teacher when I was in 1st grade, but I do dream of opening a high adventure camp for children where they can fall in love with the outdoors and learn to backpack, canyoneer, whitewater kayak.

What I’m looking forward to the most this school year: I love Art Walk. It’s a night where student work is the focus and put on display. The campus is beautiful and everyone is walking the halls celebrating. It takes the entire school community to pull it off (APT, parents, teachers, students, administration, support staff, community members)!

My vision for the school: Sequoya is a great place to teach and learn. Open communication, committed individuals working together and the philosophy of educating the whole child keeps us moving forward.

Favorite community cause & why: I have too many to name, but one organization that is reaching out to so many of them and encourages your whole family to participate is Families Giving Back. Anyone raising children should check them out!

My interests and hobbies: I love to read and cook, but I am happiest outside. I spend as much time as I can canyoneering, hiking, open-water swimming, rafting.

The best and/or worst time in my life: I have been blessed with a pretty sweet life so far. I think the best and worst moments are likely still to come.

The trait(s) I admire in others: Honesty, respectfulness and a willingness to problem solve instead of complain.

People who inspired me (and how): I find inspiration in so many people and things. My father’s love of the outdoors, my mother’s philanthropy, my friend who just started fostering, another friend who has taken a leave from teaching to run for office in hopes of improving education across our state, the parent I conferenced with last night who is working 3 jobs to make ends meet.

My guiding philosophy: Be kind.

My advice to today’s youth: Stay in school, be kind, find something you love to do and dare to take opportunities offered to you, even if you are scared.

One thing I want students to know about me: I love school and you will, too!

One thing I want parents to know about me: I care about each and everyone of your children. I do my best each day to ensure their safety, happiness and academic growth. My students are my priority while at school.