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Meet Your Neighbor: Steve Hauff spends winters in Scottsdale

Steve Hauff (submitted photo)

Name: Steve Hauff

Where I live: We live in the Stonegate gated community in Scottsdale and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

When & why I moved here: My father and I purchased a condo near the Fashion Square in 1990 so we could have a place to enjoy warmer weather than South Dakota. We did not use the condo much during the winter but the location gave us an opportunity to enjoy Scottsdale and the Fashion Square Mall.  In 2011, my wife and I purchased our house in Stonegate after my father passed away.

What I like most about living here: Scottsdale is a vibrant city with schools, business and cultural activities.

Activities I enjoy: I volunteer for golf tournaments – Phoenix Open, LPGA Founders Cup, Schwab Cup, we hike and golf. Volunteering for the Scottsdale Fire Department is enjoyable as I interact with quality people and get to participate in varying activities.

Clubs/organizations I’m involved in: We are members of Ancala Country Club in Scottsdale. In South Dakota I am a Rotarian, a country club member and several civic organizations.

My favorite charity or volunteer activity and why it deserves support from others? My favorite volunteer activity in Scottsdale is the Fire Department. The varying activities allows any person the opportunity to participate in giving back to the City. Just go to the Scottsdale Fire Department web site to see all the things that volunteers can do to help the City maintain a strong work force. My favorite activity in South Dakota is El Riad Shrine. I am a member of the Culinary Unit which does the catering for many Shrine functions. The money we earn is given back to the Shrine Hospitals for Children and the local Shrine organization.

My No. 1 suggestion to new residents looking for ways to get involved in their community: When a person moves to Scottsdale, I would suggest talking with your neighbors, your church community and country club members, if you have that opportunity. When you hike or walk in your neighborhood, ask people what activities they might recommend doing as a volunteer. Moving to a new location, a person can hide or get involved. Get involved in something beneficial for the community.

What one thing would you like to see changed in Scottsdale? I am not sure I can suggest one thing to change in Scottsdale. We do not live in Scottsdale the entire year. No matter where I travel, I hope the positives outweigh the not so positive characteristics. Most of the changes that I would like will not happen as they are past or not controllable at all.

My family: I am married to Susan Hauff. I have two sons Curt and Jerry who live in Sioux Falls and are involved in our sporting goods business in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. Both sons have a wonderful wife and two children each. Our 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter are challenging and wonderful children. I have one sister Anne Shaner who lives in Sioux City, Iowa.

What I do: I am the president of Hauff Mid America Sports headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.   I was born into the business as my father started the business in 1933 in Sioux City, Iowa. My main focus is sales and community involvement.

People who are an inspiration to me: My parents were very important in my development but both have been gone for 8 plus years. My friends are very important in my life. My wife is the directional force of the family. I had two people that guided me in education and life. My 11th grade English teacher Ms. Pollock and my accounting and computer professor at the University of Nebraska, Vern Cox.

My advice to today’s youth: I wish we could get youth to put down the phones, limit video time and learn phonics again. Today’s youth is losing touch with communication, eye to eye contact and writing skills. Develop a great work ethic — do the best job you can in everything you do — work, fun or volunteering. Live a clean, healthy life. Respect your parents, friends, elders and fellow workers.

One should never end with an odd number of questions. Therefore, Make A Great Day Each Day. A Smile Never Hurts. Do What You Say Your Going To Do. (Only 10 percent do this and 90 percent do not. ) Be in the top 10 percent group.