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Renovations begin on former Livewire space in Scottsdale

An artist’s rendering of Skylanes and Casa Amigo in downtown Scottsdale. (submitted photo)

Renovations are in full swing at the Scottsdale property that once housed Livewire, with construction on a two-story Mexican eatery and high-end bowling alley expected to finish before the end of the year.

LGE Design Build kicked off the $4 million renovation project in July, with the expanded 16,238 square-foot space at 7340 Indian Plaza in Scottsdale set to house Casa Amigos and Skylanes when it opens its doors this winter, according to a press release.

“This is a pretty extensive renovation project, so we wanted to partner with the real deal,” said Les Corieri in a prepared statement, who co-owns Evening Entertainment Group, the company behind both new concepts. “We’ve seen what LGE can do time and time again across the Valley, and for us, they were the obvious choice.”

Construction on the property will wrap on or around Dec. 18, with both venues expected to open shortly thereafter. For more about LGE Design Build, visit For more on Evening Entertainment Group, visit