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Scottsdale agrees to three-year funding agreement with Parada del Sol

A view of the Parada del Sol Rodeo. (photo by Flickr user Al_HikesAZ)

As part of its consent agenda, Scottsdale City Council approved a three-year funding agreement for the Parada del Sol event at its Tuesday, Nov. 28 city council meeting at City Hall, 3939 N. Drinkwater Blvd.

Council approved the allocation of no more than $75,000 per year, starting this year, from the portion of the Tourism Development Fund aimed at event retention and development for the Parada del Sol Rodeo event, a city council report states.

City staff also proposed a three-year community event funding agreement because of the benefits of having a three-year agreement, according to a council report.

The rodeo will be at WestWorld, 16601 N. Pima Road, March 8-11. The event projects attracting about 20,000 guests, providing the city with $35,000 in direct dollar marketing investment, a council report states. The city also stands to benefit from marketing and advertisement as one of the rodeo’s sponsors.

Additionally, two contractual requirements will be added to help secure the event’s continued growth. Those two are an increase in direct dollar non-city sponsorship by $10,000 annually; and the increase of direct dollar event marketing expenditure by $10,000 annually, according to a council report.

Per the city’s multi-year community event program criteria, the city will provide 75 percent of the event funding prior to the event while the final amount will come once all contract requirements are met.

The rodeo has been around for 65 years and has participated in the standard community event funding program for 21 years. During that time, the event has received a total of $315,000 in community event funding and has met all event funding contractual requirements.