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Visions of Garden Life II gallery opens for one-night event

Jeff Berghoff, at left, talks with guests about the art at his Visions II pop-up gallery. (Photo Courtesy of Carlos Weaver)

Jeff Berghoff’s Visions of Garden Life II pop-up gallery had a gala unveiling Wednesday, Nov. 22 for 400 guests at the Clayton House, 7340 E. Main St. in Scottsdale.

The exhibition presented select cinematic oversized photographs from collaboration of Mr. Berghoff and photographer Wesley Johnson, according to a press release.

“For many decades neighbors referred to this empty 5 acre parcel as ‘The Farm due to the many exotic animals that resided at the property,” Mr. Berghoff, CEO and founder of Berghoff Design Group, said in a prepared statement. “These animals included a camel, horses, a Shetland pony and more.”

He also said his client purchased 3.5 acres of the property in 2010.

“These animals were relocated nearby to their new home,” Mr. Berghoff said. “The desire of our client was to take the vacant land and design his family a Santa Barbara, (Calif.)-inspired home.”

The home was completed after three years and the team of Mr. Berghoff and Mr. Johnson created captivating images in the new garden.

“In Visions of Garden Life II, many of these animals visit their original home and take part as subjects in the photographs,” Mr. Berghoff said.

“Through this exhibit and in partnership with Mr. Johnson, we create a hyper realistic view of individuals going about their daily lives and characters are integrated against the grand backdrops of the very gardens I designed and built for my clients. The series of images utilize the panoramic and cinematic setting of these gardens while allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in a whimsical altered reality.”

Mr. Berghoff’s Visions II pop up gallery is produced in the same fashion as his Visions of Garden Life pop up gallery creation almost two years ago at his design business location in a former car dealership on McDowell Road in south Scottsdale.

Armed with a landscape architecture degree from Arizona State University, Mr. Berghoff has designed and built stylized landscapes for his clients’ private use throughout the Southwestern United States.

Hundreds of guests partook in the latest visual experience at the one-night, pop-up gallery. Yet, in its truest form, the exhibition is already down, and the images will continue to live through other future exhibits to come.