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Austin: where can I find Scottsdale Desert EDGE survey results?

In September 2017, a telephonic survey of 400 registered Scottsdale voters was conducted by Triton Polling and Research regarding voters support or opposition to the Desert Discovery Center aka The Desert EDGE.

Emily Austin

The results of the Triton poll showed 33.3 percent support the city building the DDC and 60.4 percent of Scottsdale voters are opposed to building the DDC.

Melinda Gulick spoke at the city council work study regarding The Desert EDGE on Nov. 6, 2017. At that meeting she said “supporters” of the Desert EDGE also conducted a telephonic survey/poll over the summer. Ms. Gulick said their survey showed that 60 to 62 percent of voters are in favor of building the Desert EDGE.

This study totally contradicts the findings of the Triton study which said 60 percent oppose the Desert Edge. Ms. Gulick has not been transparent and has refused written proof of their findings to back up her claim.

I received an email from Gulick stating that I was within my right to disregard the results of her poll, which is a lame and irresponsible response. Making claims is one thing. Proving them is another.

Editor’s note: Ms. Austin is a resident of Scottsdale