Greenburg: accusations, false equivalents and Ms. Schild

My name is Mark Greenburg and I am a resident of Scottsdale, I am a parent of three children, two of whom graduated from Scottsdale Unified School District schools.

Mark Greenburg

My son, Jann-Michael Greenburg, like Ms. Christine Schild, is a public official and candidate for the governing board of Scottsdale Unified School District. Ms. Schild omits this in her recent Aug. 27 letter to the Scottsdale Independent and falsely claims that she is a licensed attorney. She is not a licensed attorney in the state of Arizona.

I am the creator of the parody website and the sole author of the content on the website. Ms. Perleberg, who is the subject of the parody website, has filed a lawsuit against me asking for $1.5 million.

Now that she knows my identity, she has decided to drop her claims. I have encouraged Ms. Perleberg to pursue her claims. If someone damaged me to the tune of $1.5 million, I would not drop my claims against that individual, but in behavior that is typical of bullies when confronted with a response in which they know they will be beaten, Ms. Schild and Ms. Perleberg have chosen to run away and drop their claims, and attempt to smear Jann-Michael Greenburg by alleging that the site I have created is a cyber-bullying website.

They have also falsely claimed that Jann-Michael is responsible for the site or my behavior.

It seems like Ms. Schild and Ms. Perleberg believe on visiting the imaginary sins of the father on the child, and that is just not how the law works in the United States because we have our Constitution. I do understand Perleberg’s and Ms. Schild’s vehemence in hoping that Jann-Michael Greenburg will not be elected to the Governing Board. His proven investigative prowess and ability to ferret out corruption, like the corruption he discovered that linked Birdwell to receiving gifts of high economic value from vendors, must be very discomfiting to Ms. Perleberg and Ms. Schild.

As to the allegation of cyber-bullying leveled by these two politicians of probity, cyberbullying is defined as the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature, and it is a crime. At no time has the parody website ever been involved in threatening Ms. Perleberg or anyone for that matter, in any way.

If Ms. Perleberg’s feelings are hurt, because she believes the website “slays decency” (whatever that actually means), then I would suggest she quit reading it.

Not to be redundant, but if Ms. Schild and Ms. Perleberg believe that Ms. Perleberg’s claims against me for causing $1.5 million dollars of damage to her dubious reputation as an elected official are legitimate, then they should continue to prosecute Ms. Perleberg’s claim.

Ms. Perleberg dropping her spurious claims against me for constitutionally protected free speech, and then having Ms. Schild whine about it in the paper, just drives more readers to the site and further highlights their collective ignorance in a way I find humorous, which is one of the purposes of the parody site.

The parody of the website is directed at the activity of the current Scottsdale Unified District school board, and it particularly focuses on the imaginary behavior and imaginary thought processes of Ms. Perleberg, the school board president. I do not know Ms. Perleberg personally, have never spoken to her. Unfortunately, my production of these stories has dropped off as I have many demands on my time and the website is merely a hobby.

Thankfully, this coincides with Dr. Kriekard‘s ability to substantially slow if not stop, the destruction of the school district. At all times the parody website has sought to ridicule and make fun of 1) Ms. Perleberg’s lack of candor in disclosing her lack of qualifications for her position (including her past employment as a compliance officer at an investment fund closed for fraud), 2) her nonstop bullying, in word and in written form, of teachers and community members with threats of litigation for defamation for simply reporting suspected criminal activity against the district, and 3) her tragically comical inability to make good decisions.

The fact that Ms. Perleberg was a driving force behind bringing the criminal filth of Dr. Birdwell into our lives is deserving of ridicule, especially and in view of the revisionist descriptions she has now written about her role in these activities and her unwillingness to apologize.

Therefore, the parody site attempts to explain Ms. Perleberg’s actions through satire and ridicule because I do not believe there is any possible rational explanation for her behavior and the devastation she has created in our community.

I have had the good fortune to live in many different countries, some of which were behind the Iron Curtain, whose populations suffered cruel and inhuman punishment and indignities for speaking out against their leaders or ridiculing them. I have had relatives exterminated in Bergen-Belsen and Thereisenstadt for being Jewish or exercising their freedom of speech, and have lost a cousin to a Hezbollah sniper on the border of Lebanon for sticking up for his rights.

I understand the difference between ridiculing incompetent and unfit political figures, like Ms. Perleberg and her supporter, Ms. Schild, and the commission of a hate crime. It is axiomatic that the first thing that totalitarian regimes do to stamp out dissent is to reclassify ridicule and criticism as hate crimes and arrest journalists, the editors of satirical magazines, and to close publications.

Therefore, I am not surprised by Ms. Schild’s and Ms. Perleberg’s inability to comprehend that we have constitutional protections for the ridicule of public officials and dissent. Perhaps the inability to understand the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights is the reason that Ms. Schild gave up her license to practice law. As for Ms. Perleberg, one has to only look at the ruination of the district under her leadership to understand her lack of cognition.

At the conclusion of the upcoming election for Governing Board for Scottsdale Unified School District, I believe that Ms. Perleberg’s influence over the board will come to an end. Either Mr. Peabody, Ms. Beckman, or Jann-Michael Greenburg will replace Ms. Hartmann and Ms. Kirby, and the idiocy that passed for policy issuing forth from Ms. Perleberg will be ground to a halt.

At that point in time, Ms. Perleberg’s opinion as a politician will be rendered worthless, her ability to cause harm to teachers, students, and parents will be curtailed, and there will be nothing more to write about on the site, because the district will be able to finally get on with the important job of rebuilding.

In 2012, I worked tirelessly with Mr. Dan Harkins to require the contractors who built the Arcadia Hugh School Auditorium to put in the sound system that was required to make that auditorium functional. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees to assist in obtaining information that enabled Jann-Michael to create the reports, which were again vetted by counsel, that assured that Ms. Birdwell and Mr. Hartwell would be removed from the district. This included underwriting trips to Europe so that Jann-Michael could research Louis Hartwel’s actual background, which was of course fraudulently created by Birdwell, but had to be verified.

My father is 87 years old and volunteers five days per week teaching ESL to Yavapai students on a full-time basis. Jann-Michael Greenburg has been a math tutor at Yavapai twice a week for the last year and will resume this in a few weeks. I have donated to the many different support staff websites that were created to help in the walkout. On the morning after the Navajo fire, I went to Target with Dr. Susan Hughes, Robert Hughes, and Jan Voelkel and spent more than $1,100 on school supplies for the Navajo students.

I do not have business with district and have never conducted business with the district and have never profited in any way from assistance my family has offered to the district.

I believe while I was sweating like a stuck pig at Target moving six loads of merchandise to Navajo with many other dedicated community parents, Ms. Perleberg spent that time writing about the parody website, trying to smear a candidate for School Board with false allegations of cyber-bullying and a family that has bent over backwards to help the district.

Editor’s note: Mark Greenburg is the father of Jann-Michael Greenburg, who is a candidate for the Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board this November

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