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Kreiner: new downtown Scottsdale bicycle scheme lacks foresight

Scottsdale’s new bicycle scheme uses both public and private properties for company profits.

Matt Kreiner

The rest of us get eyesores: ranks of neon colored bikes on public sidewalks, at corners and in front of buildings.

No bike racks; rented with an App. When the rental is done, the bicycle is left wherever until the App finds another renter, “Uber” style.  If a bike’s left on your property, there’s no one to call. Left on the sidewalk, pedestrians must avoid it. When someone trips, who takes responsibility?

What a great business!

No need to rent a place; Scottsdale says, ‘do business on public sidewalks, for free.’ No need to store, or transport your stock; park it anywhere! If a bike damages a lawn, no problem! And, if we didn’t design our landscaping to go with green, yellow or orange; that’s clearly lack of foresight.

Bicycles rented on the sidewalk are ridden on the sidewalk; against the law, and interfering with pedestrians. Do we have so much “extra” sidewalk space? Should the city endorse companies doing business from private property without permission?

Other cities’ bike systems don’t ignore public concerns and private property rights.
Scottsdale should rethink.

Editor’s note: Mr. Kreiner is  a resident of Scottsdale