Webber: The media’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez obsession

Surely, I’m not the only person in this country questioning why the media has made New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a media darling and house-hold name.

Thanks to a fawning media, Cortez, who is not old enough to run for president, has become more recognizable today than most of her fellow House representatives.

Alan N. Webber

There were 101 newly-elected colleagues to the House of Representatives this past November. Quick, name the new male Congressman from Kansas, or the new female Congress-woman from New Mexico. I’ll save you the trouble from looking them up –– their names are Republican Steve Watkins, Jr., and Democrat Debra Haaland, respectively.

A self-proclaimed Democratic-Socialist, Cortez promotes her romantic socialist agenda’s frequently and the media laps up every word to regurgitate to us. Even FOX seems to be pushing her irrational gibberish. Seemed she got as much face-time during the State of the Union address as President Trump.

Admittedly broke at the time of her election, anybody else wonder where Cortez got the money for that obviously expensive white ensemble she was sporting? With her fellow flock, the sea of white the women wore resembled a good old-fashioned Democratic Ku Klux Klan rally.

Now, with media assistance, she is promoting the old idea of the Green New Deal, along with Massachusetts Senator Ed Marky. Why would the 72-year-old Marky, a career politician who has been bathing in the Washington Swamp since before personal computers were invented, hook up with Cortez, a neophyte 43 years his junior, in order to re-introduce a socialist manifesto?

In February, Cortez stated, “Even the solutions that we have considered big and bold are nowhere near the scale of the actual problem that climate change presents to us.”

I must have missed a memo definitively and scientifically stating proof of climate change. We can’t accurately predict how much snow we will get tomorrow, but they know for certain what is going to happen in the next 10-to-12 years? When did man get so narcissistic as to believe we might affect Mother Nature’s cycles? Keep believing folks, Al Gore needs your money.

Anyway, back to the old idea of the Green New Deal resolution, which preservationists were talking about as far back as 2003: The term was coined in a San Francisco Chronicle article reporting on an environmentalist conference. Jill Stein and the Green Party adopted most of its content into their platform as well.

In addition to taking away cars, boats, planes, or anything else that runs on fossil-fuel from us non-elites, it will also levy more taxes on the average citizen, labeled a carbon tax. What do you want to bet there will be exemptions for the elites to fly around the world on their private jets, or have huge mansions, as Leonardo DiCaprio has become accustomed to?

Not only does the Green New Deal have a plan for reducing carbon emissions worldwide, it’s also going to solve all the woes for the poor, disabled, and minority communities. What one has to do with the other can only be explained by a politician, but my bet is we will be required to pay for it.

Other goals of the old Green New Deal:

Upgrading all buildings to energy efficient, or tearing down those that aren’t. Don’t worry… “if you like your house, you will get to keep your house,” just like your doctor.

Farmers will be “worked” with to reduce cow flatulence, while supporting “family farms” and promoting universal access to healthy foods. Sounds to me like farmers will be living in communes spending their time feeding BEANO to cows.

The complete overhaul of the transportation system by examples of expanding electric car manufacturing with increased charging station locations. No word on those pesky trucks delivering 90 percent of everything consumers utilize. High speed rail will be the governments choice of travel… for us, the Great Unwashed.

And free everything for everybody. A guaranteed job, good wages, family and medical leave, paid vacations, health insurance and a retirement salary, all courtesy of the government.

This is unsustainable, folks, and it’s only a program to share equally in misery. What government bureaucrat is to tell us what good wages are?

Predominately a liberal concept, nobody has said anything about how to pay for all this transformation. With an election near, they aren’t about to give us details on how to implement this nonsense either. Obama already wasted $90 billion of our money chasing ineffective environmental initiatives.

Facebook memes like to portray Cortez as ignorant; she’s anything but. She may say things with a youthful idealism, but make no mistake, she is highly educated, very ambitious, and most of all, extremely dangerous.

Just as Obama was.

Editor’s Note: Alan N. Webber is a resident of Cave Creek.

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