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Whitehead: I am seeking a seat on Scottsdale City Council

Solange Whitehead

I have decided to run for Scottsdale City Council so community voices and community priorities are once again city priorities.

My family and I moved to Scottsdale 21 years ago. We were drawn in by Scottsdale’s effortless elegance radiating from north to south and joined together by the Greenbelt winding through neighborhoods, past duck ponds, and endless parks.

This “small town” city charmed us — a policeman pulled my son over for wearing a helmet and gave him an ice cream coupon.

The city council empowered its citizens and business owners, which resulted in extraordinary achievements including a vibrant downtown, resort-like public parks, and the creation of the nation’s largest urban Preserve: the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

Today’s city council is no longer prioritizing quality of life or protecting the city’s financial security.

Our valuable Scottsdale brand is being chipped away with rampant up-zoning that is increasing traffic, harming the character of our neighborhoods and blocking our mountain views. Residents and business owners have less and less influence at the city and the city’s most valuable asset, the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, is under threat of development.

If we are to sustain Scottsdale’s charm, protect our Preserve and quality of life we must restore community priorities at City Hall, build back public trust, and manage the city budget — by using our tax dollars wisely and conservatively.

With these three guiding principles and the tremendous encouragement from many of you, I begin my 2018 campaign for Scottsdale City Council.

Editor’s note: Ms. Whitehead is a resident of Scottsdale