Dispatch from Kenya: Crutches 4 Africa July 9

Upon receiving his cane, Johesephat’s smile lit up the courtyard. He loved taking photos and wanted to keep them, so we used Kara’s Polaroid to [...] Continue Reading →

Dispatch from Kenya: Crutches 4 Africa July 8

On our daily morning walk, Emily told me, “you can’t change the world in two weeks, but you can change yourself in two weeks abroad.” Continue Reading →

Hill: Poor business behavior in north Scottsdale

I had an extremely disappointing experience with a local business and this is not the first time I’ve heard complaints about the company located [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale agrees to legal defense of claims against city treasurer

Scottsdale City Council has agreed to defend and indemnify City Treasurer Jeff Nichols in a pending lawsuit from a former employee. The action [...] Continue Reading →

Zivyak is new market president, Modern Luxury Scottsdale group publisher

Michael Zivyak was recently appointed market president and group publisher for Modern Luxury Scottsdale. He will oversee local content including [...] Continue Reading →

Janik: COGS formally opposes current Scottsdale development direction

The Coalition of Greater Scottsdale strongly opposes the current practice of increasing height and density to dramatically increase the city’s [...] Continue Reading →

Yes to Children: SUSD can’t afford a failed override election

On Nov. 5 voters in the Scottsdale Unified School District will have the opportunity to renew the school district’s budget override that will [...] Continue Reading →

Honor Wall: Scottsdale community honors its veteran residents

More than 50 Scottsdale senior residents were honored on July 5, when McDowell Village Senior Living unveiled a wall commemorating the veterans [...] Continue Reading →

Taliesin West among 8 Frank Lloyd Wright buildings inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List

The World Heritage Committee, meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan, has officially inscribed the 20th-Century Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, which [...] Continue Reading →

Dispatch from Kenya: Crutches 4 Africa July 7

We were able to get extremely close to giraffes, zebra and wildebeests. I love giraffes so much that I almost started getting emotional just [...] Continue Reading →