Dispatch from Kenya: Reflections on a life-changing experience

The following is the final report from Cassidy Johnson, a Scottsdale student who was one of six Valley high students who visited Kenya this month [...] Continue Reading →

Dispatch from Kenya: Crutches 4 Africa final days

We were on top of the water tower for about an hour, listening to the animals and watching the sky change colors as the sun sprung up. Continue Reading →

Scottsdale Realtor: ‘Tenacious’ Tocco turns chapters of tragedy into triumph

With a new chapter of television stardom, Kimberly Tocco — also known as “Tenacious T” — opens doors to Scottsdale real estate from [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale Canal Convergence brings Arcosanti influence to collaborative experience

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story misidentified the name of Scottsdale Arts Learning & Innovation. We apologize for any [...] Continue Reading →

Q&A: Scottsdale Councilman Guy Phillips sounds off on Old Town dismay

As the relics of indulgence line the streets of Old Town Scottsdale’s entertainment district most days — to the embarrassment of some and [...] Continue Reading →

Dispatch from Kenya: Crutches 4 Africa July 12-13

I gave the other man his new crutches, and the second I gave them to him, he was off. He tore down a grassy field, coming back to shake my hand. [...] Continue Reading →

Muller participates in creating writing, cultural exchange program

Madeline Muller, a Center of Research in Engineering, Science, and Technology: Paradise Valley High School student, is in a prestigious creative [...] Continue Reading →

Whispering Hope Ranch Foundation offers new perspective for those with special needs

Everyone matters at the Whispering Hope Ranch Foundation. Founded in 1998, the Whispering Hope Ranch Foundation was formed in the pursuit of [...] Continue Reading →

Dispatch from Kenya: Crutches 4 Africa July 10

I am hopeful that the shipment of devices thus-far blocked by the Kenyan government will eventually enter this country and free these people [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale renews wagering license for K O’Donnell restaurant

Wagering will continue at K O’Donnell’s Bar and Grill after the Scottsdale City Council approved on consent a Teletrack establishment license [...] Continue Reading →