Glassman: ‘There’s a crisis of integrity at the Arizona Corporation Commission’

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Schenkat: does Scottsdale Municipal Court offer fair justice?

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Jackson: poor arguments on medicinal marijuana validity only perpetuate ignorance

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Auerbach: don’t be duped, marijuana is not legitimate medicine

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Douglas: Evolution being removed from Arizona science standards is not true

I am responding to a point of view by Thomas H. Wilson in your July 1, 2018 edition regarding the proposed science standards. The current science [...] Continue Reading →

Van Parys: Scottsdale ought to seek 21st Century adaptation — not separation

Throughout the Valley of the Sun, you’d be hard pressed to find a city more serene, and with a better central location, than Scottsdale. This is, [...] Continue Reading →

Bloch: Scottsdale politics continue to illustrate a tale of two cities

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Schild: Scottsdale Schools issues reflect symptom of questionable Arizona procurement law

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Little: Scottsdale is a great place to live, work, play and …

Let me get right to the point. I propose we add an “education” element to the city’s General Plan and here’s why. First of all it benefits [...] Continue Reading →

Lieberman: ‘Zero tolerance policy’ can inflict untreated trauma

During the last two weeks, I am haunted by the imagine of children, being ripped away from their parents. The administration named this practice [...] Continue Reading →