Haberer: Violins of Hope successfully creates statewide community collaboration

Collaboration has long been a topic of interest and discussion amongst community organizations and funders, all of whom are interested in [...] Continue Reading →

Kern: Let’s hold the FAA accountable at the workshop meetings

On Sept. 18, 2014 the greater Phoenix area’s peaceful and quiet outdoor culture was stolen by the Federal Aviation Administration. Without public [...] Continue Reading →

Alley: Gaslighting is the real plague of Scottsdale

Gaslighting means “to manipulate someone by psychological means into questioning their own sanity,” and it’s a myopic disease that’s highly [...] Continue Reading →

Heath: Cities like Scottsdale die at the City Hall dais

On the outside chance you’re unfamiliar with the term NIMBY, it stands for “not in my backyard,” and it’s a myopic disease that’s contagious in [...] Continue Reading →

Davis: Consider not just women’s history, but their mental health too

Women’s History Month is a time to reflect on the enormous social strides toward gender equality that we’ve made: today, nearly 60 percent of [...] Continue Reading →

McLaren: Unanimous council support is crucial to pass Scottsdale bond election

The City Council Capital Improvements Plan Subcommittee has recommended that the full council approves a General Obligation bond election that [...] Continue Reading →

Burns: The native son’s take — a vision of Scottsdale

It has been my honor and pleasure to serve the City of Scottsdale in several capacities over the last 25 years. Starting as a citizen participant [...] Continue Reading →

Marsh: Calling on Scottsdale Schools to pioneer reduced plastic use

SUSD, it’s time to eliminate the plastic waste. Did you know that every minute around 12-14 tons of plastic is being swept into the ocean? In [...] Continue Reading →

Jackson: Mussi commentary misses the mark on state revenue situation

Response: Why are lawmakers pushing billions in tax hikes despite record state revenue? Despite “record revenue” and tax cuts, education spending [...] Continue Reading →

Mussi: Why are lawmakers pushing billions in tax hikes despite record state revenues?

An interesting paradox has developed at the legislature this year. Even though state policymakers are sitting on record tax revenues and a robust [...] Continue Reading →