Austin: Behind Scottsdale’s dubious bond survey

I have nothing to lose by being totally honest and transparent. Like me or despise me, I am honest. That can’t be said that about Jason Rose, [...] Continue Reading →

Lt. Col. Morley: Community support required to inspire future generations of Army leaders

“Thank you for your service.” As a U.S. Army Soldier living in Phoenix, I am grateful for these words, which I hear often when wearing my uniform [...] Continue Reading →

Schenkat: Why did you move to Scottsdale?

Very few people who live in Scottsdale are natives, so my question to you is — Why did you move here? I chose to move to Scottsdale because [...] Continue Reading →

Littlefield: ‘Yes’ at the November election will be worth any small cost to fund bond projects

On Nov. 5, 2019 Scottsdale voters will be asked to approve three bond questions totaling $319 million to fund capital projects in Scottsdale. [...] Continue Reading →

Henninger: Fostering a better future for Scottsdale today

“Paying it forward.” You may know it as the story of a junior high school teacher who assigns his class to come up with an idea to change the [...] Continue Reading →

Kirtley: How and why a new bond package makes sense for Scottsdale

How and where Scottsdale has grown has been a longstanding concern for residents and neighborhoods. Scottsdale voters will have an opportunity [...] Continue Reading →

Norton: Talking about bond financial issues: Questions answered

Earlier in May I wrote about the bonds, our budgets, audits and taxes. A few really smart people helped edit and correct my work including City [...] Continue Reading →

Cantor: Trammell Crow Residential shows interest in community unlike others

 Very few people “don’t” know how disgusted I am with our City Council’s way of handling growth. Developers are not held to the tenants of sound [...] Continue Reading →

Whitehead: Q&A on Scottsdale’s bond basics

In November, voters will consider approving three bond questions containing 58 projects. Parks, Recreation, and Senior Services Community Spaces [...] Continue Reading →

Nichols: Is Museum Square the beginning of Old Town Scottsdale’s destruction?

The concepts behind the Museum Square proposal seem sound at first blush. This seems like a great use of an area that is not up to its full [...] Continue Reading →