Cantor: Coronado Success Initiative is a longterm pursuit — not a flash in the pan

The Coronado Success Initiative was never supposed to be a one-year miracle cure for over 10 years of purposeful academic neglect. Our Scottsdale [...] Continue Reading →

Whitehead: I’m humbled, honored to serve at City Hall

For two years, I have been focused on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018. Long before I was a candidate. I was focused on keeping a preserve — our [...] Continue Reading →

Myers: Scottsdale election has renewed my faith in the city

Thank you Scottsdale. The election results Tuesday proved two things. First Scottsdale citizens love their Preserve, want to protect their [...] Continue Reading →

Norton: Proud of what we accomplished, but I also feel the Scottsdale divide

While I’m proud to have been part of a community-wide effort, I’m not going to overlook the harsh divide that caused incredible emotions and some [...] Continue Reading →

Robbins: Leadership is found and cultivated solely through community service

Now that the election season is over let’s refocus on what makes our community a great place to live. I understand too well how the political [...] Continue Reading →

Fitzgerald: too many in power willing to ignore public opinion

I find Eric Filsinger’s previous comments about the Prop. 420 voter initiative to be somewhat disingenuous. The real issue at stake is not the [...] Continue Reading →

Alexander: no matter election outcome, Scottsdale has already won

We think Proposition 420 is going to win, big, based on initial polling. However, the bigger victory, of course, is the fact Scottsdale voters [...] Continue Reading →

Hiegel: no matter election outcome, Scottsdale has already lost

This divisive election over Proposition 420 will soon be over. But Scottsdale already has lost. The proponents’ scorched-earth campaign has [...] Continue Reading →

Smith: Exercise right to vote Nov. 6, honor military veterans Nov. 11

In two days, we will exercise our first right of freedom. Five days later, we may honor the men and women who made this freedom possible…veterans [...] Continue Reading →

Vineberg: Yes vote on Proposition 420 keeps Preserve’s promise

I’ll never forget the first time I saw the McDowell Mountains. It was December 2005 and I was still seven years away from being fortunate enough [...] Continue Reading →