Hiegel: a response to Jason Alexander, a new view of Prop. 420 and a call for facts

Jason Alexander’s Aug. 16 column advocating for Proposition 420 is short on truth and long on insults. Nothing does more to demonstrate how thin [...] Continue Reading →

Greenburg: accusations, false equivalents and Ms. Schild

My name is Mark Greenburg and I am a resident of Scottsdale, I am a parent of three children, two of whom graduated from Scottsdale Unified [...] Continue Reading →

Manser: coverage of Twin Peaks contest is bad form from the Independent

I was just reading the latest edition of the Scottsdale Independent. This is really a great publication, but I can’t believe you would even [...] Continue Reading →

Jackson: in response to Mr. Hill’s open letter to the NFL

In what seemed like a feigned effort at a conciliatory tone, Mr. Hill 1) mischaracterized a political protest, and 2) argued that unless NFL [...] Continue Reading →

Schild: cyber bullying brings Scottsdale school board race to unforeseen low

In April, a friend forwarded a link to a website that appeared to belong to Scottsdale School Board President Barbara Perleberg. I was sickened [...] Continue Reading →

Greenburg: I can confirm Mr. Mark Greenburg is both my father and the author of the parody website

Thank you for your article titled “Perleberg: we need tools not swords to best serve our district” published in the Scottsdale Independent on [...] Continue Reading →

DMB: we view Kierland development as next legacy project

DMB Associates was founded over 30 years ago with a vision of creating award-winning and legacy development projects in Arizona. From its [...] Continue Reading →

Hill: an open letter to the National Football League

I’ve been a football fan all of my life, but I’ve also been a cop for over 30 years. I love football and I’m extremely proud of the positive [...] Continue Reading →

Perleberg: we need tools not swords to best serve our district

Previous Scottsdale school boards, this board, and future boards will continue to grapple with the unrelenting efforts by private and charter [...] Continue Reading →

Thornton: political ADs and the editorial separation of church and state

Over the last few weeks several readers, elected leaders and political hopefuls have been inquiring on why we run certain items, don’t run [...] Continue Reading →