Smith: Scottsdale infrastructure needs should supersede political infighting

A fundamental citizen right, guaranteed by Arizona law, is the right to vote on matters of taxation — both sales tax rates and property tax [...] Continue Reading →

Keck: why use the term gadfly when reporting on Desert EDGE?

Why does the Scottsdale Independent constantly refer to those opposed to the Desert Edge as “local gadflies?” The core group behind organizing [...] Continue Reading →

Beckerman: the Internet makes Old Town Scottsdale new again

“Old” and “internet” don’t always go together. But in Old Town Scottsdale, they do. That was a clear takeaway from our recent visit with five [...] Continue Reading →

Kirtley: thanks for your fact-based reporting on Crossroads

Ms. Fittro: thank you so much for the very professional writing on the Crossroads East land case with the city of Scottsdale. You were not only [...] Continue Reading →

Dorsey: Equal Rights Amendment fails to resonate with Arizona Legislature

“Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.” This powerful idea was [...] Continue Reading →

Lieberman: a story of love, death and United States immigration policy

My husband Max would have been 40 today. He was a loving father or two, adored by everyone he knew, and the best friend I ever had. Max was not a [...] Continue Reading →

The Journey of Fatherhood: Rediscovery of oneself and the meaning of life

“Every father should remember one day his son will follow his example, not his advice.” –Charles Kettering My name is Tony and I have [...] Continue Reading →

Wilson: don’t dilute Arizona Science Standards

Why in the world are we discussing the validity of biological evolution in 2018? Because Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane [...] Continue Reading →

City Hall: facts about the Crossroads East proposal in Scottsdale

An opinion published in the Scottsdale Independent June 8 regarding the Crossroads East development proposal — in the vicinity of Loop 101 [...] Continue Reading →

Phillips: myriad zoning pursuits to impact Scottsdale neighborhoods

Timing is everything. That’s why multiple rezoning cases have been filed in the past few weeks, with so many Scottsdale residents away for the [...] Continue Reading →