Brutton: Inaugural ‘Drop Your Drawers for Charity’ drive a success

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Close: 2018 Scottsdale Home Tour exceeds expectations

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Littlefield: The Scottsdale version of the 2018 municipal elections outcome

The final, detailed vote totals from the 2018 Scottsdale city election are in and they are truly amazing. First, Proposition 420; the city clerk [...] Continue Reading →

Jaber: The dangers of ‘vaping,’ e-cigarettes akin to those already understood

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Badoux: Medicinal marijuana’s employment law ramifications

It seems I am encountering more and more employees that seem to think marijuana is legal in Arizona. It seems important to remind people from [...] Continue Reading →

Austin: Lack of succinct motorized scooter rules could spell trouble for Scottsdale

I just read the article in the Independent about the settlement awarded to a woman who fell and fractured her wrist on a sidewalk in Scottsdale. [...] Continue Reading →

Rose: Simple addition could be Scottsdale’s next big thing

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Thornton: The shifting perspective of the Scottsdale recycling narrative

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Greco: Ignorance perpetuates Scottsdale school board CSI disappointment

The Scottsdale Unified School Board is reportedly surprised that their latest efforts to improve performance at Coronado High School are not [...] Continue Reading →

Cantor: Coronado Success Initiative is a longterm pursuit — not a flash in the pan

The Coronado Success Initiative was never supposed to be a one-year miracle cure for over 10 years of purposeful academic neglect. Our Scottsdale [...] Continue Reading →