Greenburg: a new approach to finance at Scottsdale Schools

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Herrington: HOAs may be preserving Valley of the Sun communities to death

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For Scottsdale activists, the belief of righteousness is common

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McLaren: failing infrastructure is catalyst for developing Scottsdale bond program

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Kravetz: Scottsdale Schools does not want to stifle public comment

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Smith: lack of Scottsdale election donation limits bolsters ‘dark money’ influence

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Greenburg: ‘this Governing Board is a disaster’

On March 20, the President of SUSD’s Governing Board, Barbara Perleberg, gave a 15-minute interview (available here) in which she exposed a [...] Continue Reading →

Coronado three: for the sake of the students, Scottsdale Schools leader can still do the right thing

By Nancy Cantor, Edmond Richard and Christine Meyer Schild Special to Independent Newsmedia When Dr. Denise Birdwell started working for the [...] Continue Reading →

Eskildson: how Scottsdale Schools can and should move forward

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