Milhaven: let’s have a Scottsdale City Council race grounded in civility

Elections are a time for us to share points of view and debate issues. On some things, we will agree. On others, we may need to agree to [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale City Council candidates talk cure for the collateral damage of affluence

Local voters are set to elect three people to serve atop Scottsdale City Council on Tuesday, Nov. 6. This election year features five candidates [...] Continue Reading →

Durham: Scottsdale Prop. 420 opponents rely on misinformation, falsehoods

Ballot pamphlets for the Nov. 6 election will soon be hitting the mailboxes of Scottsdale citizens. The ballot pamphlet contains numerous [...] Continue Reading →

Kravetz: Scottsdale Schools superintendent search ought to unfold as planned

Two community members recently wrote editorials urging current Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board members to delay the selection [...] Continue Reading →

Heath: Desert EDGE ought to be built to illustrate community dedication to Preserve

Why not a museum on the Scottsdale McDowell Sonoran Preserve? Since the dawn of modern civilization, one of the key ingredients to the betterment [...] Continue Reading →

Cook: Scottsdale was and continues to be a wonderful city to call ‘home’

On the “Perception of Equality” article about the Scottsdale for All Campaign: I commend the City Council for not passing the LGBTQ ordinance. My [...] Continue Reading →

Henderson: Scottsdale sports event season offers more than a spectacle to local community

Why is Scottsdale different? Because it does things its own, impressive way. Preserving mountains. Building recreational washes rather than [...] Continue Reading →

Lawrence: solving the veteran suicide crisis in Arizona begins with accurate statistics

We can all agree that we have a crisis in terms of the rising number of veteran suicides. But when it comes to defining the scope of the problem, [...] Continue Reading →

Myers: Proposition 420 passage protects public voice in Preserve decisions

Two months ago, an extraordinary event happened in Scottsdale, residents banded together and collected enough signatures on a petition to put a [...] Continue Reading →

Smith: infrastructure failures illustrate a lack of Scottsdale pride

When my wife and I first visited Scottsdale years ago, we were awed by how fresh and appealing the city looked. Flowers were planted in public [...] Continue Reading →