Schild: Scottsdale Schools issues reflect symptom of questionable Arizona procurement law

Although i applaud Jann-Michael Greenburg’s observation that the Scottsdale Unified School District needs tighter financial controls, he fails to [...] Continue Reading →

Little: Scottsdale is a great place to live, work, play and …

Let me get right to the point. I propose we add an “education” element to the city’s General Plan and here’s why. First of all it benefits [...] Continue Reading →

Lieberman: ‘Zero tolerance policy’ can inflict untreated trauma

During the last two weeks, I am haunted by the imagine of children, being ripped away from their parents. The administration named this practice [...] Continue Reading →

Smith: American political issues can be solved with common sense

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” Pogo said this 30 years ago and it is even more true today. Many of our most pressing domestic problems [...] Continue Reading →

Bisson: Arizona bugle group performs complimentary Taps at funerals

While we’re celebrating our freedom on Independence Day, let us remember those who have served our country in making it great, and those who are [...] Continue Reading →

Greenburg: Scottsdale Schools financial oversight is in dire straits

In March of this year, the president of SUSD’s Governing Board, Ms. Barbara Perleberg, gave a 15-minute interview in which she stated the [...] Continue Reading →

Ignorance of American politics, media is astounding

The blatant ignorance that today permeates American politics and the media is inexcusable. The public uses of “conservative” and “liberal” have [...] Continue Reading →

Milhaven: Crossroads East is a good deal for Scottsdale

Nine billion dollars of economic impact — $33 million in additional infrastructure improvements, over 5,500 jobs, and increased height [...] Continue Reading →

Bronstein: Democrats debate offers glimpse into Scottsdale candidate psyche

I was fortunate enough to be in attendance at the recent Scottsdale City Council candidate’s debate hosted by the Legislative District 23 [...] Continue Reading →

Bloch: Scottsdale City Council has forgotten its constituents

Here we go again, this city council taking care of theirs not ours. To date it has been DDC/EDGE, up zoning at 73rd St and Greenway Hayden Loop [...] Continue Reading →