Scottsdale City Council candidates solidify political promises

Local voters will elect three people to Scottsdale City Council and a mayor after foregoing a primary election process, at the Tuesday, Nov. 8 [...] Continue Reading →

Littlefield: Top 10 ways life will be better for Scottsdale residents if I’m elected mayor

Every day my opponent sends out a new email, Facebook post or tweet filled with lies about me and about his sorry record as the incumbent mayor. [...] Continue Reading →

Crawford: Mr. Lindeman’s assertions are off the mark

In response to Mr. Charles Lindeman’s June 20, 2016 opinion piece: “Crawford press points to Scottsdale Independent favoritism;” it is obvious [...] Continue Reading →

Mayor Lane: Ms. Merrill ‘someone has misinformed you’

Recently, Cooper Merrill wrote to this news outlet criticizing me for purportedly not attending a mayoral candidate debate in south Scottsdale. I [...] Continue Reading →