Landslide victory: Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane, challenger Bob Littlefield talk points of outcome

Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane has won his re-election campaign against challenger Bob Littlefield. Unofficial results show Mayor Lane beat Mr. [...] Continue Reading →

Alexander: Lane works for special interests

Jim Lane’s campaign treasurer — a professional political operative who’s been working for Lane for 12 years — downplays Mr. Lane’s [...] Continue Reading →

Manson: we all have a special interest in good government

As treasurer of Lane 4 Scottsdale 2016, I am proud to be among the countless Scottsdale residents and local business leaders who have supported [...] Continue Reading →

Kirtley: Lane campaign signs are over the line

Women are stupid. Women are not leaders. Women are puppets of their husband or other men. Women can’t make important government decisions without [...] Continue Reading →

Taylor: Mayor Lane’s accomplishments should not be ignored

I wish to express my deep gratitude to you, Mayor Lane, for all the hard-won progress you have accomplished in helping the city of Scottsdale to [...] Continue Reading →

Alexander: Mayor Lane lost my vote due to finance report

Jim Lane lost my vote when I read his campaign finance report. Its a public document that I’ve studied deeply. A line-by-line analysis of Mr. [...] Continue Reading →

Nguyen: Mayor Lane created environment for high-tech jobs in Scottsdale

My name is Hien Nguyen. I am a preventive health and wellness expert, with medical and public health training. After spending several years in [...] Continue Reading →

Norton: who stole Scottsdale’s soul?

Mayor Jim Lane challenges voters. His campaign motto is “If You Like Scottsdale Keep Jim Lane.” I love Scottsdale. But I fear for its future and [...] Continue Reading →

Cantor: vote for Littlefield and Phillips Nov. 8

Please vote for Bob Littlefield for Scottsdale mayor and Guy Phillips for city council. And, remember that they respect the residents and the [...] Continue Reading →

Seeking civility in the contentious 2016 Scottsdale City Council race

Voters go to the polls Nov. 8 to cast their votes and put an end to the litany of accusations, name calling and downright nastiness so prevalent [...] Continue Reading →