Myers: Scottsdale Prop. 420 debate has reached fever pitch

The debate over Proposition 420 is getting way out of hand, even for Scottsdale politics. The petition effort united the city around giving [...] Continue Reading →

Schwartz: Prop. 420 usurps the power of the elected in Scottsdale

Friends, I encourage all of Scottsdale to consider this and hope you will join me in voting “no” on Prop 420. My reasons are simple. First, a [...] Continue Reading →

Manross: Scottsdale Prop. 420 prevents politicians from building what they want on Preserve lands

Proposition 420 was born and then embraced by our community from south to north because it gives us a voice regarding the future of our McDowell [...] Continue Reading →

Schenkat: finance reports reveal top Scottsdale City Council candidate fundraisers

The quarterly campaign finance reports were posted to the city website yesterday. It is apparent to all that the developers and bar owners have [...] Continue Reading →

Filsinger: vote-initiated forms of Scottsdale governance contain inherent problems

I served two terms as a McDowell Sonoran Preserve Commissioner and two terms as a Planning Commissioner for the city. I also am active Preserve [...] Continue Reading →

Alexander: Prop. 420 gains support across the Scottsdale political spectrum

Proposition 420 is supported by the majority of Scottsdale voters, across the political spectrum. A majority of our City Council supports 420. [...] Continue Reading →

Dolan & Lagarde: Scottsdale Prop. 420 debate is trumped-up, misinformed hysteria

Newcomer NIMBYs living around the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, who are enjoying the benefits of years Preserve taxes paid by all city residents, [...] Continue Reading →

Graham: sales tax measure makes good sense for Scottsdale infrastructure needs

I have served on Scottsdale’s Transportation Commission for the past five years — so I understand how high-quality roads and paths set us [...] Continue Reading →

Sturgeon: the truth about Scottsdale’s Prop. 420 is being exposed

The truth about the Charter amendment being proposed by the Proposition 420 proponents is finally being made known to the community. We know that [...] Continue Reading →

Anonymity, the political bully and the rise of the Scottsdale divide

As the hotly contested election season inches toward closure, the city of Scottsdale has become a one-issue town: either you are against [...] Continue Reading →