Smith: lack of Scottsdale election donation limits bolsters ‘dark money’ influence

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The photo radar quandary: for the love of money or the safety of motorists?

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Arizona lawmakers introduce bipartisan LGBTQ-inclusive non-discrimination bill

This week, a group of bipartisan legislators introduced HB 2586, which would extend Arizona’s current non-discrimination protections to gay and [...] Continue Reading →

Arizona lawmakers introduce bill aimed to increase access to oral healthcare

State Sen. Nancy Barto, along with a bipartisan coalition of legislators, introduced legislation to create an allied dental professional to [...] Continue Reading →

Secretary Reagan formally declines federal voter data request

Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan has rejected a request for voter registration data from the Presidential Advisory Commission on [...] Continue Reading →

Smith: another right of an Arizona citizen is lost

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House Bill seeking end to photo radar in Arizona carries momentum

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Opinion: minimum wage increase was what voters wanted

Regarding your Nov. 16 coverage of the Prop. 206 Minimum Wage results, Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce CEO Mark Hiegel says “government should not [...] Continue Reading →

Arizona citizens band together to address legislative powers of HOAs

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SB 1350 likely to bring new dynamic to Valley of the Sun neighborhoods

Local leaders say SB 1350 has gut the ability for local municipalities to regulate short-term vacation rentals outside of commercially zoned [...] Continue Reading →