Jackson: Mussi commentary misses the mark on state revenue situation

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Mussi: Why are lawmakers pushing billions in tax hikes despite record state revenues?

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Mendoza: Open borders resulted in my son’s death, please stop the carnage

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Kurland: New Arizona bill could allow employers to pay working students less

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Merrifield & Liles: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will impact Arizona nonprofits

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Greenburg: Arizonans must remain vigilant when considering proposed bills

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Eskildson: 3 suggestions to improve Arizona pupil achievement

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Good: Education, prevention is the first step to ending the drug crisis

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Van Parys: A reader fact-check of Webber’s perspective of America’s future

The times, they are a changing. It is a rare occurrence that I am rendered speechless, it is even more rare when I am rendered such by an op-ed. [...] Continue Reading →

Webber: The media’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez obsession

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