Crawford: Scottsdale City Council needs real, genuine representation

We all want a Scottsdale city government we can believe in and trust, and a mayor we can trust. I believe Mr. Littlefield’s mayoral effort should [...] Continue Reading →

Crawford: I represent ‘a path of reason’ in Scottsdale mayoral race

Scottsdale is at a crossroads between overdevelopment and zero growth. I present a path of reason between two radically opposed candidates. The [...] Continue Reading →

Why is the city of Scottsdale trying to compete in the private sector?

The city recently announced plans to raise fees for parks and pools, beer permits in parks, garbage pickup and rental rates for special events at [...] Continue Reading →

Crawford: Could downtown Scottsdale be the right fit for the Desert Discovery Center?

I unequivocally support a Desert Discovery Center. However, the Gateway site may, or may not be the best location. Concerns have been raised; [...] Continue Reading →

Local community advocate files to run for Scottsdale mayor

Scottsdale proprietor and community advocate Bill Crawford has filed to run for mayor against incumbent Jim Lane and challenger Bob Littlefield. [...] Continue Reading →