Kern: SCANA supports Scottsdale’s proposed FAA flight path changes

During the last Scottsdale City Council meeting on May 21, the City Council approved a resolution for Mayor Lane to submit a set of [...] Continue Reading →

Cantor: Getting to know residents of Scottsdale is crucial to effect change

I have read the column by Tim Burns regarding “quality of life,” “development,” and “housing,” mostly describing the division in our city between [...] Continue Reading →

One voice: Scottsdale pursues citizen relief from disruptive commercial flight patterns

After nearly five years and hundreds of thousands of loud flights to the chagrin of Scottsdale residents, the local municipality is submitting [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale NoDDC campaign violation filing meant to ‘protect the election process’

David Smith — a resident, former city treasurer and elected leader — has filed a second campaign finance complaint against NoDDC [...] Continue Reading →

Burns: Maintaining quality of life will be paramount as Scottsdale future unfolds

Scottsdale is presently experiencing an extraordinary level of development activity that is rapidly changing the character and housing mix of the [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale, Phoenix continue partnership to fight internet crimes against children

Scottsdale officials have approved an intergovernmental agreement with the City of Phoenix for continued participation in the Arizona Internet [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale bond campaign comprised of community leaders

A politically and geographically diverse group of Scottsdale leaders came together Wednesday, May 8, for the first meeting of a unified campaign [...] Continue Reading →

Thornton: Big thoughts from a man named Little

I reached out to Scottsdale Community Advocate John Little to better understand how he interprets the burgeoning vagrancy issue within city [...] Continue Reading →

Schenkat: Voice of Scottsdale reason ought to shape bond debate

The POP PAC (Protect Our Preserve Political Action Committee) has nothing to do with the bond package. Do not think that POP has the power nor [...] Continue Reading →

Stuart v. Scottsdale: City legal costs approach $500,000 to fight lawsuits

Scottsdale City Council has further approved funds, totaling nearly half-a-million dollars, for the defense of two pending court cases in United [...] Continue Reading →