Spring training entities ink funding agreement to begin Scottsdale Stadium renovations

Scottsdale is on its way to begin renovations at the beloved downtown stadium, after a funding agreement for nearly $50.6 million was reached. [...] Continue Reading →

Henninger: To conserve benefits of Scottsdale resident reinvestment is crucial

This month, the Scottsdale City Council is tackling perhaps the most important challenge it will face all year: solving the long-neglected [...] Continue Reading →

Costanti v. Scottsdale settles for $34,000

Scottsdale has reached a settlement in a negligence lawsuit — Costanti v. City of Scottsdale — in the amount of $34,000. On March 5, [...] Continue Reading →

Norton: Scottsdale bonds, unfunded capital projects, and the voter confidence

Raising hundreds of millions of dollars of General Obligation bond funding requires one thing — voter confidence. The city made a horrible [...] Continue Reading →

Vision of a sustainable WestWorld operation emerges at Scottsdale City Hall

A formal evaluation of business practices, leadership and approach to management at WestWorld of Scottsdale is beginning to percolate in an [...] Continue Reading →

City flag dilemma: Scottsdale retains original design

Scottsdale is sticking with its historic blue, white and gold flag featuring a horse and rider for the foreseeable future. On March 5, the [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale Stadium economic impact analysis to assess community value

An economic impact study for improvements at Scottsdale Stadium is underway, which will, in-part, gauge the edifice’s local impact as well as [...] Continue Reading →

Jones: How is Scottsdale measuring up to the promise of Dr. King’s dream?

As Black History Month ends, reflections on the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. are not far away. This past February has been a tumultuous [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale shifts photo enforcement locations based on speed, crash data

Speeding and red-light cameras work in tandem to improve safety –– a fact well-supported in Scottsdale and why the city will deactivate two [...] Continue Reading →

Staalberg: New flag design puts Scottsdale changes over the top

If we are mandated to change our flag, which I think is quite meaningless, when we have so much other change going on in our city. There is so [...] Continue Reading →