global warming

The heat is on: Data reveals Scottsdale is getting warmer

Scientists have for years been warning citizens of the dangers of global warming. And even though some still dispute the underlying cause of [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce announces 2018 ballot positions

The Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has announced its recommendations on city of Scottsdale ballot propositions. The board [...] Continue Reading →

Community fishing program approaches 40-year partnership following Scottsdale renewal

The community fishing programs at Chaparral Lake and Eldorado Pond will be continuing after approval was received from Scottsdale City Hall. For [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale Police Department gets $50K to bolster DUI enforcement, education

The city of Scottsdale will receive grant funds up to $50,000 from the state of Arizona to support DUI enforcement and education. The grant [...] Continue Reading →

Automated kiosks approved to operate in Scottsdale

Automated instant-cash kiosks designed to recycle electronics and reduce theft-related crimes will begin to operate in Scottsdale, after City [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale for All campaign offers perception of equality to outside world

If beauty is found in the eye of the beholder then the idea of equality can be realized in the mind’s eye. The Human Relations Commission — [...] Continue Reading →

Austin: misrepresentation of Prop. 420 is attempt to bamboozle Scottsdale voting bloc

Proposition 420 is a ballot initiative regarding our citizen-owned Sonoran Desert preserve. A “yes” vote on Nov. 6 would secure a small but [...] Continue Reading →

City Council candidates talk growing divisiveness of Scottsdale politicking

On Tuesday, Nov. 6 local voters will elect three people to Scottsdale City Council. This election year will showcase the chase for three seats [...] Continue Reading →

Thornton: political ADs and the editorial separation of church and state

Over the last few weeks several readers, elected leaders and political hopefuls have been inquiring on why we run certain items, don’t run [...] Continue Reading →

Alexander: yes on Prop. 420 in Scottsdale enshrines intention of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve

Scottsdale Proposition 420 makes a small, but critical, change to our Scottsdale City Charter. It guarantees that any construction in the [...] Continue Reading →