Scottsdale Charter officer pay raises range from 7 to 20 percent this fiscal year

The new fiscal year has just begun for the city of Scottsdale, and the municipality’s five Charter officers have all received raises for their [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale community on political EDGE as July signature deadline looms

Over the last several months more than 200 Scottsdale residents have pursued and gathered nearly 35,000 signatures to force a public vote on the [...] Continue Reading →

SB 1350: Scottsdale Santa Fe residents strive to maintain community

On Saturday, June 23 a collection of Scottsdale residents — folks hailing from every corner of the municipality — came together to [...] Continue Reading →

Bronstein: Democrats debate offers glimpse into Scottsdale candidate psyche

I was fortunate enough to be in attendance at the recent Scottsdale City Council candidate’s debate hosted by the Legislative District 23 [...] Continue Reading →

Bloch: Scottsdale City Council has forgotten its constituents

Here we go again, this city council taking care of theirs not ours. To date it has been DDC/EDGE, up zoning at 73rd St and Greenway Hayden Loop [...] Continue Reading →

Germek: Scottsdale is a community — not a development opportunity

How are decisions made by the Scottsdale City Council when the interests of developers conflict with the interests of its citizens? At a meeting [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale Issues & Experts Forum defines infrastructure costs, plan of action

The state of Scottsdale’s infrastructure, funding options and the cache that makes up the West’s Most Western Town were all discussed during a [...] Continue Reading →

Smith: Scottsdale infrastructure needs should supersede political infighting

A fundamental citizen right, guaranteed by Arizona law, is the right to vote on matters of taxation — both sales tax rates and property tax [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale Democrats debate kicks-off local city council race

Legislative District 23 Democrats held a public candidate’s forum Thursday, June 20 at the Scottsdale Civic Center Library. Councilpersons on the [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale politics continue to push residents to the edge of civility

Following the filing of campaign finance violations, representatives for the Protect Our Preserve political action committee have requested to [...] Continue Reading →