Janik: COGS formally opposes current Scottsdale development direction

The Coalition of Greater Scottsdale strongly opposes the current practice of increasing height and density to dramatically increase the city’s [...] Continue Reading →

COGS Board of Directors: Extensive Scottsdale up-zoning is financially unsound

The Coalition of Greater Scottsdale (COGS) strongly opposes further “up-zoning” of all large-lot properties in Scottsdale, with very limited [...] Continue Reading →

Kirtley: thanks for your fact-based reporting on Crossroads

Ms. Fittro: thank you so much for the very professional writing on the Crossroads East land case with the city of Scottsdale. You were not only [...] Continue Reading →

Kirtley: it’s time for debate on Scottsdale Desert EDGE facts — not personalities

Kindergarten is where getting along lessons begin. Middle school is where name-calling and bullying exists. All these childlike behaviors should [...] Continue Reading →