Scottsdale mayoral candidates to face-off at Sept. 27 debate

Both Scottsdale mayoral candidates will have a chance to give their stance on topics surrounding the city during an upcoming debate on Tuesday, [...] Continue Reading →

OPINION: Bob Littlefield has earned my vote

I usually don’t write letters in support of political candidates, but as a member of the equestrian community in Scottsdale, I am compelled to do [...] Continue Reading →

Jim Lane: Scottsdale voters deserve honesty and clarity

Bob Littlefield has gone from conveniently forgetting “the truth”, “the whole truth”, and “nothing but the truth” to just calling me a liar when [...] Continue Reading →

Littlefield: Scottsdale mayoral race rightfully hinges upon DDC stance

Recently one of the establishment blogs expressed surprise the Desert Discovery Center had become the most prominent issue in the Scottsdale [...] Continue Reading →

Lane: you never know what will set off Bob Littlefield

Recently I sent an e-mail highlighting why I think Scottsdale is the best city in which to live. Our economy is strong. Our downtown is thriving. [...] Continue Reading →

Littlefield: ‘Scottsdale is the best city in America in which to live’

Yesterday my opponent sent out an email that actually said something with which I agree: “Scottsdale is the best city in America in which to [...] Continue Reading →

Littlefield: Top 10 ways life will be better for Scottsdale residents if I’m elected mayor

Every day my opponent sends out a new email, Facebook post or tweet filled with lies about me and about his sorry record as the incumbent mayor. [...] Continue Reading →

OPINION: John Washington responds to Mayor Lane’s DDC editorial

Here’s MY “signed opinion.” There’s just no nice way to say it. Incumbent Scottsdale mayor Jim Lane is a liar. He [...] Continue Reading →

Jim Lane: Put the Scottsdale Desert Discovery Center in the hands of the public

The only way to guarantee a public vote on the Desert Discovery Center at the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, or elsewhere, is to amend the Scottsdale [...] Continue Reading →

Trimble: Scottsdale is on right track due to Jim Lane

In addition to being Arizona’s official historian, I am also a recent retiree. For more than 40 years, I taught Arizona history at Scottsdale [...] Continue Reading →