OPINION: John Washington responds to Mayor Lane’s DDC editorial

Here’s MY “signed opinion.” There’s just no nice way to say it. Incumbent Scottsdale mayor Jim Lane is a liar. He [...] Continue Reading →

The Independent Interview: John Washington

United States Air Force veteran and Scottsdale resident John Washington is a man with community activism in his blood. Mr. Washington is a [...] Continue Reading →

Washington: recent Scottsdale election poll is PR propaganda

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Washington: The facts about Scottsdale are public record

I have a lot of respect for former city councilman and former state legislator Paul Messinger. He is the very definition of a senior statesman of [...] Continue Reading →

Hybrid-district pitch is crushed at Scottsdale City Council

Scottsdale City Council has put the kibosh on Mayor Jim Lane’s hybrid-district model suggestion as the item failed to gain political support on [...] Continue Reading →

John Washington: why I love the community of Scottsdale

I love Scottsdale. I’ve written hundreds of articles on “why I love Scottsdale” for my blog, ScottsdaleTrails.com. I love Scottsdale for many of [...] Continue Reading →

Washington: Welcome to the Scottsdale political Twilight Zone

As we once again begin Scottsdale’s political silly season, we would do well to remind ourselves that good governance doesn’t come from selecting [...] Continue Reading →

2015 bond pitch illustrates selective recession in Scottsdale

If you have read the election information pamphlet for the upcoming Nov. 3 Scottsdale tax increase (aka, “bond”) election, virtually every [...] Continue Reading →

Washington: Scottsdale Gateway Alliance IDA grant deserves more scrutiny

“Public-private partnership” is another term for, “taxpayer, hold onto your wallet.” The recent grant of $50,000 to the private Scottsdale [...] Continue Reading →