Milhaven: Desert Discovery vote could carry unintended consequences

At this week’s city council meeting, we got a brief progress update on a proposal for an educational visitors center in the Preserve. As I [...] Continue Reading →

Sitting members define goals to tackle when Scottsdale City Council resumes

Scottsdale City Council will reconvene Tuesday, Aug. 30 as members of the local governing board say they look forward to continuing their public [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale abandons LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance pursuit

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Abandonment anxiety clouds BASIS Scottsdale expansion

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Tucson streetcar success may spur new Scottsdale transit dialogue

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Scottsdale City Council considers next steps at SkySong, McDowell Corridor

Department leaders are expected Tuesday, Oct. 13 to deliver a McDowell Corridor revitalization update to Scottsdale City Council seeking clear [...] Continue Reading →

Smith and Milhaven urge ‘yes’ votes on 2015 Scottsdale bond pitch

On Nov. 3, we are asking citizens to approve six ballot questions representing a $96 million program to help our city catch up on crucial [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale takes first step toward LGBT nondiscrimination law

Scottsdale City Council has formerly instructed city staff to investigate how other American municipalities have adopted nondiscrimination laws [...] Continue Reading →