Alexander: Prop. 420 gains support across the Scottsdale political spectrum

Proposition 420 is supported by the majority of Scottsdale voters, across the political spectrum. A majority of our City Council supports 420. [...] Continue Reading →

Dolan & Lagarde: Scottsdale Prop. 420 debate is trumped-up, misinformed hysteria

Newcomer NIMBYs living around the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, who are enjoying the benefits of years Preserve taxes paid by all city residents, [...] Continue Reading →

Sturgeon: the truth about Scottsdale’s Prop. 420 is being exposed

The truth about the Charter amendment being proposed by the Proposition 420 proponents is finally being made known to the community. We know that [...] Continue Reading →

Anonymity, the political bully and the rise of the Scottsdale divide

As the hotly contested election season inches toward closure, the city of Scottsdale has become a one-issue town: either you are against [...] Continue Reading →

Derouin: I am in opposition to Scottsdale Proposition 420

I oppose Proposition 420 on Scottsdale’s November ballot because it is badly written and a lousy approach to managing the McDowell Sonoran [...] Continue Reading →

Austin: misrepresentation of Prop. 420 is attempt to bamboozle Scottsdale voting bloc

Proposition 420 is a ballot initiative regarding our citizen-owned Sonoran Desert preserve. A “yes” vote on Nov. 6 would secure a small but [...] Continue Reading →

Hiegel: a response to Jason Alexander, a new view of Prop. 420 and a call for facts

Jason Alexander’s Aug. 16 column advocating for Proposition 420 is short on truth and long on insults. Nothing does more to demonstrate how thin [...] Continue Reading →

Protect Our Preserve: Scottsdale remains steadfast in the protection of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve

The Protect Our Preserve Political Action Committee turned in over 37,000 signatures from Scottsdale voters to put a city Charter change on the [...] Continue Reading →

McLaren: NoDDC and Protect our Preserve. How grassroots are they?

The NoDDC and the Protect our Preserve organizations have run a very successful campaign in gathering the necessary signatures to force the issue [...] Continue Reading →

Lack of verified ballot measure mutes Scottsdale political infighting for now

No further action is required at this time, the Scottsdale City Clerk’s Office told Desert EDGE Advocates and Desert Discovery Center Scottsdale, [...] Continue Reading →