Auerbach: In response to ‘Reefer Madness’ Old Town Scottsdale dispensary article

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Patient Alternative Relief Center expands space for medical marijuana

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Jackson: poor arguments on medicinal marijuana validity only perpetuate ignorance

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Auerbach: don’t be duped, marijuana is not legitimate medicine

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Medical marijuana: a new view of the Arizona bio-life science

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Military veterans sought for clinical study testing the safety, efficacy of cannabis

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On-demand medical marijuana delivery arrives in Scottsdale

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Harvest of Scottsdale hosts medical marijuana informational event

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Scottsdale City Council votes to roll medical marijuana regulations a little tighter

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Scottsdale City Council votes to tighten medical marijuana regulations

Scottsdale City Council has begun the process to amend the city’s zoning code that regulates the cultivation and sale of medical marijuana [...] Continue Reading →