Yes for Scottsdale Streets launches to support infrastructure ballot measure

A political action committee coined, “Yes for Scottsdale Streets” has been formed to support the anticipated ballot question scheduled for the [...] Continue Reading →

Million-dollar contracts spark Scottsdale Stadium renovation efforts

Scottsdale City Council has authorized a series of million-dollar contracts in an effort to update the aging gem of Old Town: Scottsdale Stadium. [...] Continue Reading →

Old Town Scottsdale plan could help downtown sector reach new heights

Officials at City Hall have gained city council’s blessing to implement Old Town development criteria ultimately being injected into the [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale City Council approval funds human service programs

With recommendations from the Human Services Commission, Scottsdale City Council approved funding from two buckets of money to provide service [...] Continue Reading →

Van Parys: Scottsdale ought to seek 21st Century adaptation — not separation

Throughout the Valley of the Sun, you’d be hard pressed to find a city more serene, and with a better central location, than Scottsdale. This is, [...] Continue Reading →

Little: Scottsdale is a great place to live, work, play and …

Let me get right to the point. I propose we add an “education” element to the city’s General Plan and here’s why. First of all it benefits [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale Charter officer pay raises range from 7 to 20 percent this fiscal year

The new fiscal year has just begun for the city of Scottsdale, and the municipality’s five Charter officers have all received raises for their [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale community on political EDGE as July signature deadline looms

Over the last several months more than 200 Scottsdale residents have pursued and gathered nearly 35,000 signatures to force a public vote on the [...] Continue Reading →

Bronstein: Democrats debate offers glimpse into Scottsdale candidate psyche

I was fortunate enough to be in attendance at the recent Scottsdale City Council candidate’s debate hosted by the Legislative District 23 [...] Continue Reading →

Bloch: Scottsdale City Council has forgotten its constituents

Here we go again, this city council taking care of theirs not ours. To date it has been DDC/EDGE, up zoning at 73rd St and Greenway Hayden Loop [...] Continue Reading →