Scottsdale building permit records reveal eclipse of multifamily frenzy

The steady nature of the Scottsdale building permit activity over the last three fiscal years officials say illustrates one of the key hallmarks [...] Continue Reading →

Rose: kill the EDGE so Scottsdale can solve critical matters and find the next big idea

On July 4 America will celebrate Independence Day. A day later let’s hope Scottsdale will be able to celebrate a different kind of independence, [...] Continue Reading →

Paiute Neighborhood Center bathrooms getting renovated to ADA standards

Updating the Paiute Neighborhood Center bathrooms to be compliant according to Americans with Disabilities Act standards was among items recently [...] Continue Reading →

Whitehead: public trust and the death of the $350M bond

With pained honesty, a Scottsdale City Council majority voted against a proposed $350 million bond question for the 2018 election. The vote was [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale City Council opens way for changes to Civic Center Mall

The Scottsdale City Council unanimously approved three resolutions and an ordinance that will make way for some changes to the Civic Center Mall. [...] Continue Reading →

Who will be granted the privilege of leading Scottsdale into the future?

The political posture of the city of Scottsdale is beginning to take form as local candidates ramp up their politicking in anticipation of a [...] Continue Reading →

Kauzlarich: anger, frustration are common themes among Scottsdale voters

I would like to echo the comments delivered by Kathy Littlefield during the city council meeting on April 17 and in the letter to you and members [...] Continue Reading →

As election looms, Scottsdale politics reveal underlying tones

This month’s lead story is one focused upon what many consider “dark money” and the ramifications of fluid campaign finance rules and how those [...] Continue Reading →

A level playing field: the influence of dark money in local politics

The dollars and cents of the American political system is one shaped by what local aficionados have coined, “dark money,” the impact of political [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale City Council OKs vote of sales tax increase first, GO bond program later

Scottsdale City Council Tuesday, May 1 — by a 4 to 3 measure — approved a resolution ultimately destined to materialize in a ballot [...] Continue Reading →