Myers: not allowing vote on Scottsdale Desert EDGE is ‘indefensible’

Scottsdale City Council is still going ahead with the Desert Discovery Center or Desert Edge as it is now called, without giving the public a [...] Continue Reading →

Alexander: new Discovery Center proposal is beyond the edge of reality

We told you the Desert Discovery Center would be a huge tourist event center, paid from the Preserve fund, with nightlife and a bar. They made a [...] Continue Reading →

Klapp: Desert EDGE proposal answers questions, raises others

The proposal I heard on Tuesday morning for Desert Edge lays out a bold vision for allowing all city visitors and residents to enjoy the Preserve [...] Continue Reading →

Appreciation venue proponents seek to bring tourism to the Desert EDGE

On Monday, July 31 Desert Discovery Center Scottsdale unveiled its plan for a proposed desert-appreciation venue now envisaged on less than 6 [...] Continue Reading →

Littlefield: Discovery Center proposal crosses the commercial edge

I Just got back this afternoon from a meeting where I received a presentation of all the new plans for the latest version of the DDC, now renamed [...] Continue Reading →

Mystery surrounding Scottsdale Desert Discovery Center proposal may be solved July 31

Editor’s note: a memorandum of understanding between Desert Discovery Center Scottsdale and Arizona State University was provided to the [...] Continue Reading →

Korte: I will support a public vote on the Scottsdale Desert Discovery Center

I will support a public vote on the Desert Discovery Center, if it becomes necessary. But for now, I am advocating a “first-things-first” [...] Continue Reading →

Alexander: Desert Discovery Center effort undermines idea of stewardship

Desert Discovery Center Scottsdale, Inc has a plan to appropriate the $100 million Preserve Fund surplus, and their plan includes a promise to [...] Continue Reading →

OPINION: the Desert Discovery Center from a business perspective

Ask any business consultant what the three most important things are for a successful business: Location, location, location. Every retail [...] Continue Reading →

Seiden: some thoughts on the Scottsdale Desert Discovery Center

Several weeks ago, my wife and I attended the Desert Discovery Community Workshop. We have since read some highly negative comments about that [...] Continue Reading →