Anonymity, the political bully and the rise of the Scottsdale divide

As the hotly contested election season inches toward closure, the city of Scottsdale has become a one-issue town: either you are against [...] Continue Reading →

Activism transforms Scottsdale Desert EDGE debate into November ballot question

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Scottsdale community on political EDGE as July signature deadline looms

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Rose: kill the EDGE so Scottsdale can solve critical matters and find the next big idea

On July 4 America will celebrate Independence Day. A day later let’s hope Scottsdale will be able to celebrate a different kind of independence, [...] Continue Reading →

Drylands Center emerges as new focus of Scottsdale Desert EDGE critique

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Austin: where can I find Scottsdale Desert EDGE survey results?

In September 2017, a telephonic survey of 400 registered Scottsdale voters was conducted by Triton Polling and Research regarding voters support [...] Continue Reading →

Alexander: The Scottsdale Desert EDGE proposal is a huge handout to ASU

The Desert EDGE is a massive handout from the taxpayers of Scottsdale to ASU. In the current plan before Scottsdale City Council, ASU will get a [...] Continue Reading →

Levine: we salute Scottsdale City Council on Desert EDGE diligence

We would like to commend the mayor and city council of Scottsdale for the excellent presentations and discussions at the recent Work Study [...] Continue Reading →

Whitehead: community of Scottsdale can come together over Desert EDGE

Our community’s outrage over the Desert EDGE/DDC was never about the proposal. The issue has always been the denial of democracy to our [...] Continue Reading →

Power of the people: referendum pursuit halts Scottsdale Desert EDGE proposal

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