Schenkat: the unsung heroes of Scottsdale tourism

The true unsung heroes of the tourism business are the hundreds of concierges who serve their guests in the hotels and resorts throughout the [...] Continue Reading →

Understanding who visits Scottsdale is more than a million dollar question

Who visits Scottsdale and why do they come here? That’s more than a million dollar question. It’s worth an estimated $2.1 billion. That’s the [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale City Council opts to help fund upcoming grand prix

Scottsdale City Council has authorized the funding for the upcoming Scottsdale Grand Prix as well as agreeing upon a deal with Scottsdale Grand [...] Continue Reading →

Special events help boost Scottsdale’s quality of life and economy

While much of the country is homebound and shivering each winter, Scottsdale sizzles with energy, pageantry and the roar of big crowds. Even [...] Continue Reading →