Shapiro: SUSD moving forward in good direction

The Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board introduced Dr. John Kriekard as the temporary acting Superintendent for SUSD at its [...] Continue Reading →

Greenburg: a new approach to finance at Scottsdale Schools

According to a recent report, Arizona is among 12 states that have decreased its public education funding the most since 2008 — including [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale school board approves 2018-19 teacher pay raise

Scottsdale public school teachers will get a pay increase this fall, district officials said in an April 3 statement. The Scottsdale Unified [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale Unified School District adds new POS system to nutrition services

The Scottsdale Unified School District Nutrition Services Department is installing a new point-of-sale system following approval from the local [...] Continue Reading →

Kravetz: Scottsdale Schools does not want to stifle public comment

I am writing in response to Rony Assali’s recent op-ed about the rearrangement of public comment during Scottsdale Unified School District [...] Continue Reading →

Greenburg: ‘this Governing Board is a disaster’

On March 20, the President of SUSD’s Governing Board, Barbara Perleberg, gave a 15-minute interview (available here) in which she exposed a [...] Continue Reading →

Assali: Scottsdale community deserves public comment atop Governing Board agendas

I am writing to express my expectations that the elected Governing Board members of the Scottsdale Unified School District re-establish the [...] Continue Reading →

Kirby: a bold new reform to help Arizona teachers now

Here in Arizona and across the country, every day brings a new and louder call to do right by our teachers. Many in this state, myself included, [...] Continue Reading →

Kirby: ‘rather than wallow over controversy I choose to embrace it’

Shortly after his re-election victory in 2004, President George W. Bush sought reforms to the nation’s Social Security funding and programs. Most [...] Continue Reading →

Smith: vilifying the public will not solve Scottsdale Schools criticisms

Recently, the Scottsdale Unified School District CFO, Laura Smith, resigned after conflict of interest concerns were reported by citizens, media [...] Continue Reading →