Graham: sales tax measure makes good sense for Scottsdale infrastructure needs

I have served on Scottsdale’s Transportation Commission for the past five years — so I understand how high-quality roads and paths set us [...] Continue Reading →

Graham: Lagging-left makes Scottsdale transit go right

In Scottsdale, we turn left after a green light. Drivers in other cities turn left before a green light. It’s one of the ways we distinguish [...] Continue Reading →

Graham: I support the expansion of Scottsdale Fashion Square

One of the most overused terms, especially in Scottsdale, is “world-class.” Of course our city has a lot to be proud of. We have many “points of [...] Continue Reading →

Graham: downtown Scottsdale adds to local community allure

I enjoyed reading Wayne Ecton’s recent column, “Downtown Scottsdale continues to impress, emerge as an economic engine.” From my perspective, he [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale millennial generation can be political heavyweight

There’s a belief that the millennial generation isn’t engaged in Scottsdale’s political issues. There’s also a perception that those younger than [...] Continue Reading →

Graham: The time is now to invest in Scottsdale

It’s time to invest in Scottsdale. It has been 15 years since we approved bonds for our city. I don’t believe we can afford to wait any longer to [...] Continue Reading →