Crawford: Scottsdale political signs demonstrate democracy, free speech in action

It’s campaign season. The landscape is dotted with expressions of democracy. Signs exclaim that the process of a free election is under way are [...] Continue Reading →

Crawford: In response to Mr. Bloch

For over 40 years, I’ve had the privilege of owning and operating my own businesses — including the past 20 years in downtown Scottsdale. [...] Continue Reading →

Crawford: Vitality Coalition has keen eye toward downtown success

Our newly formed group, Downtown Scottsdale Economic Vitality Coalition, has been busy meeting with downtown property and business owners, [...] Continue Reading →

Crawford: ballot recommendations to move Scottsdale in the right direction

Scottsdale has made great progress in recent years. Our brand is recognized worldwide. The numerous awards and articles that praise Scottsdale [...] Continue Reading →

Crawford: Scottsdale needs more diverse representation — not less

There are approximately 235,000 people who live in Scottsdale. Only seven people — our mayor and council — are elected to represent [...] Continue Reading →

Crawford: Mr. Lindeman’s assertions are off the mark

In response to Mr. Charles Lindeman’s June 20, 2016 opinion piece: “Crawford press points to Scottsdale Independent favoritism;” it is obvious [...] Continue Reading →

Crawford: the best way forward for Scottsdale is to abandon run

As I organized my 2,402 signatures to become a candidate for mayor of Scottsdale, the motivation for my running revealed itself: A year ago, I [...] Continue Reading →

An open letter: Mayor Jim Lane and Scottsdale City Council

Now that the plan to build the Desert Discovery Center on pristine preserve land has been suspended for reconsideration, imagine, if you will, a [...] Continue Reading →

Crawford: Scottsdale City Council needs real, genuine representation

We all want a Scottsdale city government we can believe in and trust, and a mayor we can trust. I believe Mr. Littlefield’s mayoral effort should [...] Continue Reading →

Crawford: I represent ‘a path of reason’ in Scottsdale mayoral race

Scottsdale is at a crossroads between overdevelopment and zero growth. I present a path of reason between two radically opposed candidates. The [...] Continue Reading →