Crawford: In response to Mr. Bloch

For over 40 years, I’ve had the privilege of owning and operating my own businesses — including the past 20 years in downtown Scottsdale. [...] Continue Reading →

Crawford: Vitality Coalition has keen eye toward downtown success

Our newly formed group, Downtown Scottsdale Economic Vitality Coalition, has been busy meeting with downtown property and business owners, [...] Continue Reading →

Crawford: ballot recommendations to move Scottsdale in the right direction

Scottsdale has made great progress in recent years. Our brand is recognized worldwide. The numerous awards and articles that praise Scottsdale [...] Continue Reading →

Crawford: Scottsdale needs more diverse representation — not less

There are approximately 235,000 people who live in Scottsdale. Only seven people — our mayor and council — are elected to represent [...] Continue Reading →

Crawford: Mr. Lindeman’s assertions are off the mark

In response to Mr. Charles Lindeman’s June 20, 2016 opinion piece: “Crawford press points to Scottsdale Independent favoritism;” it is obvious [...] Continue Reading →

Crawford: the best way forward for Scottsdale is to abandon run

As I organized my 2,402 signatures to become a candidate for mayor of Scottsdale, the motivation for my running revealed itself: A year ago, I [...] Continue Reading →

An open letter: Mayor Jim Lane and Scottsdale City Council

Now that the plan to build the Desert Discovery Center on pristine preserve land has been suspended for reconsideration, imagine, if you will, a [...] Continue Reading →

Crawford: Scottsdale City Council needs real, genuine representation

We all want a Scottsdale city government we can believe in and trust, and a mayor we can trust. I believe Mr. Littlefield’s mayoral effort should [...] Continue Reading →

Crawford: I represent ‘a path of reason’ in Scottsdale mayoral race

Scottsdale is at a crossroads between overdevelopment and zero growth. I present a path of reason between two radically opposed candidates. The [...] Continue Reading →

Why is the city of Scottsdale trying to compete in the private sector?

The city recently announced plans to raise fees for parks and pools, beer permits in parks, garbage pickup and rental rates for special events at [...] Continue Reading →