Littlefield: Following Scottsdale’s Prop. 420 victory, the battle is won but the war goes on

In the first film of the immensely popular Star Wars series a plucky band of rebels, although hopelessly outmatched, managed to score a series of [...] Continue Reading →

Littlefield: The Scottsdale version of the 2018 municipal elections outcome

The final, detailed vote totals from the 2018 Scottsdale city election are in and they are truly amazing. First, Proposition 420; the city clerk [...] Continue Reading →

Littlefield: Scottsdale mayoral race rightfully hinges upon DDC stance

Recently one of the establishment blogs expressed surprise the Desert Discovery Center had become the most prominent issue in the Scottsdale [...] Continue Reading →

Littlefield: ‘Scottsdale is the best city in America in which to live’

Yesterday my opponent sent out an email that actually said something with which I agree: “Scottsdale is the best city in America in which to [...] Continue Reading →

Littlefield: Top 10 ways life will be better for Scottsdale residents if I’m elected mayor

Every day my opponent sends out a new email, Facebook post or tweet filled with lies about me and about his sorry record as the incumbent mayor. [...] Continue Reading →

Littlefield: I support the DDC idea — not the ‘Desert Disneyland’

My opponent in the November election for Scottsdale mayor recently sent out a campaign e-mail claiming I “strongly supported the DDC as a [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale Independent isn’t holding to ethical standards as dirty campaigning commences

Although the city election is still months away the dirty campaigning has already started. Over the last few weeks the Scottsdale Independent has [...] Continue Reading →

Littlefield: I will restore, fight for resident vision of Scottsdale

To explain why I am running for mayor I need to tell you a story. It’s called “A Tale of Two Cities.” The first city is Scottsdale. Scottsdale is [...] Continue Reading →

Littlefield: Scottsdale Desert Discovery Center is ‘the poster child for the worst aspects of government’

Last week the Scottsdale City Council approved spending 1.7 million bed tax dollars to fund another study of the proposed Desert Discovery Center [...] Continue Reading →

Wheel Inn Ranch residents need Scottsdale community support

Residents of the Wheel Inn Ranch Trailer Park in south Scottsdale are being evicted from their homes and being forced to relocate to other [...] Continue Reading →