Brown: rolling back fuel economy standards will hurt consumers

Arizonans have said they want cars and trucks to continue getting better mileage and they do not want a rollback of money-saving fuel economy [...] Continue Reading →

Brown: Let’s protect those who serve

Memorial Day. Flag Day. Fourth of July. While particular attention is given to both active members of the military and veterans during these [...] Continue Reading →

Commissioners: say ‘No’ to proposed APS bill increases

Although opening day will be here before we know it, in the last year three electric utilities have already stepped up to the plate seeking a [...] Continue Reading →

Commentary: claiming your property under attack in Arizona

Let’s imagine a common scenario. Years ago, your spouse purchased a life insurance policy and named you as the beneficiary. Decades go by, and [...] Continue Reading →

Decline in driving, increase in public transit in Arizona

In a recent report, the Arizona PIRG Education Fund documents that between 2006 and 2013 Arizona saw an 11.8 percent decline in annual vehicle [...] Continue Reading →