Smith: Arizona drought issues ought to be paramount concern

I have read every one of the several long, but important articles on the water shortage run in the Arizona. These articles focused primarily on [...] Continue Reading →

Smith: American political issues can be solved with common sense

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” Pogo said this 30 years ago and it is even more true today. Many of our most pressing domestic problems [...] Continue Reading →

Smith: Right to Try legislation is right move to help the afflicted

President Trump has committed to sign the “right to try” law now that Congress has passed it almost unanimously. Right to Try simply is the idea [...] Continue Reading →

Smith: I urge Sen. McCain to hold the line to the end

Sen. McCain: I have lived in Arizona over 25 years and I have voted for you at every opportunity. Not because you are a war hero although I [...] Continue Reading →