Richard: Respect Our Scottsdale Schools when protesters rally on public grounds

As a parent of children who went to Coronado High School and as a Coronado High School alumnus, a picture may say a thousand words. Sadly, what [...] Continue Reading →

Richard: Scottsdale Gateway Alliance branding exercise ought to be further vetted

The Scottsdale Gateway Alliance branding presentation is not as transparent as presented in the press release. I attended this event and walked [...] Continue Reading →

Richard: meddling with current SUSD top administration may be problematic

At the last Scottsdale school board meeting Christine Marsh and Rony Assali asked the outgoing board to re-initiate the search for a permanent [...] Continue Reading →

Write to Reply: Article should have better explained tax credit uses

Your tax donations help public schools, but only for certain things. They can pay for certain testing materials, pay for some testing fees, and [...] Continue Reading →

Tonalea elementary closing offers more questions than answers

The closing of Tonalea Elementary School at 68th Street and Oak leaves a void in the community. My children still ask why the school stands [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale Schools is losing the battle of educational choice

It’s a matter of choice when you send your children for their education in Scottsdale. If you can afford it, you choose a private, parochial, [...] Continue Reading →