Phillips: Scottsdale to consider establishing Veterans Commission

I am pleased to share with you that on Feb. 12 your Scottsdale City Council will consider the addition of a new volunteer commission tentatively [...] Continue Reading →

Phillips: just say ‘no’ to Proposition 127

I received my ballot info guide today and read about Proposition 127, the “Clean Air Mandate.” I urge everyone to read it and see for yourself [...] Continue Reading →

Phillips: my perspective on two Scottsdale ballot propositions

As the Scottsdale city election draws near, I would like to present you with my opinion about the two ballot measures in Scottsdale. Both are [...] Continue Reading →

Phillips: bond direction was pragmatic approach — not dissension into chaos

Recently a city councilman wrote an editorial in this paper about a proposed bond for Scottsdale infrastructure. In his editorial he also [...] Continue Reading →

Phillips: I firmly oppose Scottsdale Desert EDGE on protected lands

Let me first say that I have been against the proposal to build anything in the Preserve from the get-go. When the DDC first came into public [...] Continue Reading →

Phillips: decorative wall needed for WWII-era Stearman is a truly worthy expense

Last year Scottsdale City Council unanimously approved a $24 million project, funded by the Airport Enterprise Funds, to build a new terminal for [...] Continue Reading →

Phillips: dark money campaign against me is ‘monkey business’

Recently my opposition started a negative campaign saying I’m bad for business. What they mean is I’m bad for their monkey business. To no one’s [...] Continue Reading →

Phillips: I will continue to stand up for your rights, fight on your behalf

As offered by the editor of the Scottsdale Independent, I write this article to let you know my focus and vision for Scottsdale in 2016. I ran [...] Continue Reading →

Phillips: 2015 Scottsdale bond program is ‘lipstick on a piglet’

To paraphrase an old saying, if at first you don’t succeed, try a different angle. This is what your Scottsdale City Council is doing to you, the [...] Continue Reading →

Phillips: Scottsdale small business reform is coming in new year

It is December in Scottsdale and while your City Council and staff are gearing up for a multitude of events this winter season, I want to let you [...] Continue Reading →