Myers: My vote on Scottsdale’s bonds is for the residents, not the City Council

We are about to vote for three bond questions, asking us to increase our secondary property tax to pay for the projects listed under each [...] Continue Reading →

Myers: Scottsdale election has renewed my faith in the city

Thank you Scottsdale. The election results Tuesday proved two things. First Scottsdale citizens love their Preserve, want to protect their [...] Continue Reading →

Myers: Misinformation campaign used to sway voters on Prop. 420

All the back and forth between the people on both sides of Proposition 420 is getting out of hand with a lot of misinformation coming from those [...] Continue Reading →

Myers: Scottsdale Prop. 420 debate has reached fever pitch

The debate over Proposition 420 is getting way out of hand, even for Scottsdale politics. The petition effort united the city around giving [...] Continue Reading →

Myers: A response to Ms. Blommel’s assertions

With all due respect to Ms. Blommel, she either does not understand the current protections for Preserve land, and the Preserve ordinance, or she [...] Continue Reading →

Myers: Proposition 420 passage protects public voice in Preserve decisions

Two months ago, an extraordinary event happened in Scottsdale, residents banded together and collected enough signatures on a petition to put a [...] Continue Reading →

Myers: in response to Scottsdale Independent coverage of Proposition 420

I appreciated the coverage of Proposition 420 — proposed change to the city charter to require a public vote on any construction in the [...] Continue Reading →

Myers: not allowing vote on Scottsdale Desert EDGE is ‘indefensible’

Scottsdale City Council is still going ahead with the Desert Discovery Center or Desert Edge as it is now called, without giving the public a [...] Continue Reading →

Myers: Scottsdale budget issues illustrate poor approach to economic sustainability

The city is having budget problems? Vacancy rates are up downtown. Our galleries and stores in Old Town are suffering. So what is the city doing [...] Continue Reading →

Scottsdale public kept in the dark on the Desert Discovery Center

Residents of Scottsdale need to know that the city is planning to build a very large facility in our McDowell Sonoran Preserve, right at the [...] Continue Reading →