Bloch: strange bedfellows shape Mr. Smith’s perspective on Prop. 420

Scottsdale City Council Candidate David Smith: you were the only candidate to not answer the question from the Independent whether or not you [...] Continue Reading →

Bloch: Scottsdale politics continue to illustrate a tale of two cities

Let us declare our independence! I have a suggestion. The state of California has tried it multiple times, but to no avail. I propose that the [...] Continue Reading →

Bloch: Scottsdale City Council has forgotten its constituents

Here we go again, this city council taking care of theirs not ours. To date it has been DDC/EDGE, up zoning at 73rd St and Greenway Hayden Loop [...] Continue Reading →

Bloch: an open letter to candidate Bill Crawford

I just read your profile in the Scottsdale Independent. And guess what, the last thing this city needs is a Jim Lane clone. Any strong supporter [...] Continue Reading →