Alexander: Yes on Scottsdale’s ballot initiatives benefit a vast community

I am voting yes for Questions 1, 2 and 3. I am so pleased with the inclusive process that led to the final list of projects. Citizen activism in [...] Continue Reading →

Alexander: My campaign finance complaint against David Smith

On Sept. 3, I filed a campaign finance complaint against the Committee to Re-elect David N. Smith to Council, David Smith, James Bruner,and Judy [...] Continue Reading →

Alexander: 1 request for electronic signs could enact city-wide zoning change

Scottsdale Quarter is asking the city for permission to install two 100-square-foot electronic signs on its arterial streets. Continue Reading →

Alexander: Engaged residents will make way for Scottsdale’s bright future

I attended Mayor Lane’s State of the City presentation on Feb. 21, and was gratified to hear Mr. Lane’s comments regarding Prop. 420 last [...] Continue Reading →

Alexander: Papago Plaza’s redevelopment doesn’t do enough for Scottsdale

Here’s a rendition of the proposed Papago Plaza redevelopment plan, with full details in the link. It replaces nearly 120,000 square feet of [...] Continue Reading →

Alexander: no matter election outcome, Scottsdale has already won

We think Proposition 420 is going to win, big, based on initial polling. However, the bigger victory, of course, is the fact Scottsdale voters [...] Continue Reading →

Alexander: YES to 420 is running a positive, constructive campaign

This is my first political campaign. I am very surprised by the lack of agreed-upon truth. I don’t mean the typical campaign jousting from both [...] Continue Reading →

Alexander: Prop. 420 gains support across the Scottsdale political spectrum

Proposition 420 is supported by the majority of Scottsdale voters, across the political spectrum. A majority of our City Council supports 420. [...] Continue Reading →

Alexander: yes on Prop. 420 in Scottsdale enshrines intention of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve

Scottsdale Proposition 420 makes a small, but critical, change to our Scottsdale City Charter. It guarantees that any construction in the [...] Continue Reading →

Alexander: Scottsdale Edge is an anonymous blog exemplifying cowardice

Editor’s note: Nicholas Scutari reached out to the Independent and went on the record and was steadfast in his assertion he — nor his [...] Continue Reading →