Opinion: President should be forced to reveal his taxes

Call it corruption, because that’s what it is!  President Trump’s refusal to release his taxes reeks of venal self-interest. Why think this?  [...] Continue Reading →

Opinion: President’s reckless actions won’t bring about change

Donald Trump was elected on a wave of frustration. Voters want dramatic change.  And there is a real sense that President Obama, also elected to [...] Continue Reading →

Opinion: President Trump poses risk to U.S. intelligence

President Trump is a clear and present danger to the integrity and effectiveness of our American intelligence community. Mr. Trump tries to [...] Continue Reading →

Opinion: Fake news is anything opposed by the president

It’s official!  It’s a Twitter decree from President Trump: Any and all polls that do not approve of or agree with him are “Fake News.” Only [...] Continue Reading →

Opinion: Media should hold new president accountable

Mainstream media has been bulldozed by Donald Trump. The American public was never completely shown just how erratic and unethical Mr. Trump has [...] Continue Reading →

Opinion: Time for Trump to start acting like a president

Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States in a dramatically divisive and contested election. He is president-elect.  However, [...] Continue Reading →

Opinion: Time for reality-TV president to wake up!

Donald Trump is treating Russia like a neutral business partner that may make him lots of money. In fact, Russia is a hostile actor.  President [...] Continue Reading →

Opinion: Trump’s actions meant to “Make Russia Great Again”

The question of how Mr. Trump will govern is becoming increasingly clear. Those who claimed that Mr. Trump wasn’t serious about the outrageous [...] Continue Reading →

Opinion: Why does Trump think Russia is a friend to the U.S.?

Russia is not our friend.  She is our geopolitical adversary. Anyone who says otherwise is ignorant, misinformed, or deliberately deceptive. And [...] Continue Reading →

Opinion: Electoral College can save our democracy

The Electoral College was put in place to check voters who put someone outrageously unqualified in the office of president.  Now that Donald [...] Continue Reading →