Haskell: Computer killed the civil Scottsdale political star

Civility is a concept that seems to belong to a bygone era. There’s a great deal of emphasis placed on civility by those who are civil to your [...] Continue Reading →

Haskell: Scottsdale is headed down a troubled path

I have become acutely aware that there are indeed two Scottsdale’s made up of the Haves and the Have Not’s. Yes, two cities under one gold plated [...] Continue Reading →

Haskell: Millennial thoughts in Scottsdale

I’ve come to realize that the inevitable aging process is, as mom often lamented, no walk in the park. “No one wants you around. You’ll [...] Continue Reading →

OPINION: Scottsdale transit debate is more than political football

The Scottsdale transit debate is more than just a  “campaign conversation” for those who rely on public transit or those who would rely on it if [...] Continue Reading →

Haskell: Scottsdale needs more independent voices this election

It’s that magical time of year, that special season when insults, distortions, and lies fill the air/air waves. No, I’m not talking about a [...] Continue Reading →