Eskildson: Americans are creating the world’s largest, worst WMD

Sitting outside a local McDonald’s recently on a comfortable 78-degree day, I noticed a man sitting in his large pickup eating, with the windows [...] Continue Reading →

Eskildson: 3 suggestions to improve Arizona pupil achievement

Stanford’s “Center for Research on Education Outcomes,” Mathematica, Brookings Institute, and Princeton have all found that charters following a [...] Continue Reading →

Eskildson: Is Arizona pupil achievement improving?

Despite tripling inflation-adjusted per-pupil spending since 1972, overall 17-year-old pupil achievement in America is essentially unchanged, and [...] Continue Reading →

Eskildson: Artificial intelligence is coming to Arizona mostly from Lee’s ‘AI Superpowers’

China caught artificial intelligence fever after the world’s best Go player, China’s Ke Jie, lost to Google’s AlphaGo in 2017. While Go’s rules [...] Continue Reading →

Eskildson: how Scottsdale Schools can and should move forward

The Scottsdale Unified School District has been in turmoil ever since hiring Denise Birdwell in January 2016. Fortunately, her CFO Laura Smith [...] Continue Reading →

Shortcomings of the SUSD ‘independent’ investigation

Scottsdale Unified School District recently retained Susan Segal of Gust & Rosenfeld to investigate allegations of impropriety involving [...] Continue Reading →

Eskildson: Birdwell tenure at Scottsdale Schools raises more questions than answers

Editor’s note: According to a letter received by the Independent Monday, Nov. 13 Mr. Robichaux is no longer employed at Hunt & Caraway [...] Continue Reading →

Eskildson: SUSD turnaround needs more than lip-service

Last week your Scottsdale Independent column belittled those “who do not have faith in what is being built, who cannot or who refuse to see what [...] Continue Reading →

Eskildson: the worst day I ever had

The worst day I every had was Monday, Sept. 26, 2016 because that was the day my youngest son, Lance, died due to an overdose. Lance was 36, had [...] Continue Reading →

Eskildson: Scottsdale Schools needs better focus on public achievement

The Scottsdale Unified School District is a mess. Pupil achievement scores have declined districtwide over the last decade — especially in [...] Continue Reading →